October...Cooler Nights, Yes, But No Snow Yet Please!

Well, I failed getting all of my books read in September. I just couldn't dig in and pay attention long enough to read Their Eyes Were Watching God, so back on the shelf it goes. I will read it. It's become a personal goal for me. I started What We Talk About When We Talk About Books and became stuck pretty fast. I may return to it when it's in paperback. I did read Nora Robert's Blood Brothers, and liked it enough to want to read the two other books in the trilogy. I've read a few of her trilogies, and unfortunately they all seem very much alike, so unless she pulls something out of her hat, I may not read anymore. I'll finish this one, and review all three together soon. 

October was always the gateway to the fun part of the year for me as a child. Halloween, quickly followed by my birthday, then Thanksgiving and Christmas. So much candy, treats, and yes, birthday cake! I still love the last few months of the year, even if they are a bit frantic sometimes. October is also a great reading month, too. I get to snuggle down and relax at night. Here's what I'm reading this month:

I'm almost done with this novel--a contemporary quest to find King Arthur's actual resting place--and the treasure people will kill to obtain. Loving it! 

A widow is accused of witchcraft, and someone is playing tricks on the town with inspiration from Edgar Allen Poe's short stories. Eek! Gothic goodness. 

YA novel about a mysterious road in the woods that leads to...nothing good. Nope. Ghosts, thrills, and teen horror. 

An apocalyptic tale set off the coast of Ireland. A young teen has to leave the island to save her mother...will they survive what has killed humanity?

A collection of Agatha Christie's supernatural short stories, with a bonus story included. Perfect for Halloween! 

Of course, I'll have a few other titles to talk about. If you haven't like my Facebook page, please do--I put up videos where I blab on about what I've picked up at the bookstore and the library. 

Take care everyone! Let me know what you're reading this month! 

The Bookalicious Babe

October...Cooler Nights, Yes, But No Snow Yet Please!