July Science Calendar 2019

july science calendar

I can’t believe July is here already. Seriously, summer weather just arrived in our neck of the woods this past week and summer is half over! I feel the need to cram as much summer goodness into the next month and a half as I can, because once mid-August hits, school starts, hockey practice begins, and all the fall activities gear up. I’m not even ready to think about it!!!

For now, I just want to enjoy sunshine, swimming, and slower schedules. What about you? I want summer to be fun!

Using The July Science Calendar

The Homeschool Scientist’s science calendars are perfect for summer learning and fun. For those of you who still homeschool during the summer months, the activities and information from the calendar can be used to let the kids learn at their own pace or as a break from the curriculum.

If you don’t do school during the summer or your kids are home from traditional school, the science calendars are perfect boredom busters or ways to sneak learning in without the kids knowing it. 

Each day, the calendar has a link to another engaging science activity or lesson. This summer, your kids will be learning about the science behind summer storms, sharks, making s’mores in a solar oven, building a model waterslide, and more!

The July calendar is on of my favorites. It’s packed with fun STEM activities that will keep your kids’ minds active, engage their creativity, and let them have a lot of fun!

Get Your Calendar

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Just enter your info in the form below and I will send you a download link to the calendar ASAP! Enjoy!

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July Science Calendar 2019

July Science Calendar 2019