A 4 day work week pilot scheme launches in the US and Ireland

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The non profit company 4 Day Week Global is looking to provide a solution for a better work-life balance. They have created an online platform for interested businesses, employees, researchers, and governments to learn about how to cultivate a more sustainable work environment.

4 Day Week Global believes the standard 40 hour week needs to be reconsidered, stating: “A hundred years ago, we moved from working six day weeks to five, and we’re overdue for an update.” Statistics show that 78 percent of employees with four day weeks are happier and less stressed. The potential work schedule would likely lead to a better work-life balance, continued productivity, and avoiding burnout among workers – especially those with children! Benefits also expand to the environment, as commutes to the office will be slashed.

A common misconception about the project is that companies adopting this idea will operate on a Monday to Thursday basis, with all employees being out for three days at the weekend. Joe O’Connor, the pilot program’s manager told Insider: “The vast vast majority of companies internationally who have introduced this, and the vast vast majority of companies who are joining our trials, are having to continue to operate their service over five days, in some cases, even six or seven days.”

It is important that companies still maintain standards of customer service and productivity, therefore it is likely different employees will have their day off on different days. The program is completely flexible and should be modeled differently to different industries and employees wishes. O’Connor hopes that these new trials in the UK and Ireland will reinforce findings from Iceland and Spain which demonstrate that a reduced work week increases worker satisfaction without sacrificing productivity.

4 Day Week Global is currently looking for companies in both countries interested in participating in their trials. Interested companies can submit their support on the organization’s website. 

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A 4 day work week pilot scheme launches in the US and Ireland