A calm day.

It was a much calmer day today. Quite cloudy as hill cloud rolled over the summits but it started breaking up late morning.

There is reasonable cover over most aspects with deeper windslab found in sheltered locations mostly on SW through NW to NE aspects. It’s not particularly stable where it has depth and overlies old snow-ice.


Quite a lot of cloud around today. Thin covering of snow on most aspects.


A view across to Cairn Bannoch and Broad Cairn. Again, good but thin cover with some areas (such as in front of camera) stripped out.


Showing line with deep snow.

Deeper snow found in any sheltered features. This burn line holding good depth. Stability was found to be poor where deeper deposits overlay older snow ice.


Ptarmigans on the snow.

Ptarmigans camouflage just about perfect at the moment.

A calm day.