A La Carte (November 25)

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Thanksgiving, Gratitude, and Leanness of Soul

“When we forget God and ingratitude sets in, we have grown spiritually sick. At that point, it does not matter how much we have; it will never satisfy us, and the more we get, the more dissatisfied we become. If God and His great mercy cannot fill our hearts with thanksgiving, nothing will.”

Handling Our Differences Redemptively, Not Destructively

Scotty Smith: “Trying to wrap my head and heart around the divisiveness that has marked so much public discourse lately, I spent some valuable time pondering three messy relational scenarios described in the New Testament. Each situation highlights how we, who are perfectly loved by Jesus, don’t easily handle our differences very well.”

A Glimpse Into the Future of God’s Children

This one is well worth reading. “I’d argue that using our imagination in this way is probably one of the main reasons why God gave us an imagination. If Heaven is real, why wouldn’t we use our minds, within the bounds of what God has revealed to us, to stir up our hearts in this way?”

How Much Does A Good Deed Weigh?

These are good and important questions. “How much does a good deed weigh on the scales of perfect justice? How many good actions does it take to balance against a bad one? What about bad attitudes? If I do a good deed with mixed motives, does it still count as good, or have I ruined it with my divided heart that hides so much selfishness and pride and envy right alongside whatever good I’m trying to do?”

Practicing Confession

“Before I became a member at my church here in Kansas City, I didn’t know anything about confession. Don’t get me wrong, I knew that believers are supposed to confess more than once: there is confession initially at salvation, and then consistently throughout the life of sanctification.”

Confessing the Faith: The Place of Confessions in Church Life

From confession to confessions–here’s one one why confessions of faith have a place in the corporate worship service.

Flashback: 4 Common Critics and Constructive Ways to Respond to Them

In his book The Heart of the Preacher, Rick Reed lists four common critics and offers appropriate and constructive ways to respond to each of them.

One of the effects of the gospel going deeper into our souls is that it frees our fingers to loosen their grasp on our goods. —David Mathis

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A La Carte (November 25)