A New Look, a New Mission: gofor Rebrands With Deliver Better

gofor, the renewable delivery™ company, unveiled its new brand, new mission, and new philosophy. Best summed up by their new mantra, ‘deliver better’, gofor remains committed to providing the kind of customer-centric service they have been known for, and do it carbon-free, through carbon offsets and its growing fleet of electric delivery vehicles.

Deliver better is an approach that emphasizes people at every step: customers get their big and bulky items as they need them, drivers access more efficient routes and electric vehicles to drive, while communities benefit from quieter, cleaner, last-mile deliveries.

For the company, it’s a chance to show the industry, and the world, that there’s a better way, even as delivery expectations increase.

“We see an immense opportunity to add value at the point of delivery,” said Ian Gardner, CEO of gofor. “The cultural shifts underfoot are moving our direction by extending brands to the doorstep and into the living room, and wealth creation opportunities for our drivers.”

Gardner laid out the differences and commitment gofor is bringing to last-mile delivery. Electric vehicles, carbon offsets, happy drivers, smart packaging, and intelligent routing. It’s this suite of sustainable delivery services that makes up “renewable delivery”.

When it comes to a commitment to sustainability, it’s more than a new tagline and new delivery model. Last March, gofor signed The Climate Pledge, committing to pursue ambitious carbon reduction activities across their business operations and supply chains. They also entered into a preferred partnership with Odin Automotive to deploy over 3000 of Odin’s electric delivery vehicles in the US and Canada, starting this year. This makes gofor one of the first efleet as a service providers in North America and provides a blueprint to others who think they can’t be concerned with climate change and provide a competitive service.

In conjunction with its rebranding, gofor deployed an updated website, which showcases its reinvigorated look, its new mission and vision, and a deeper look at what renewable delivery means to the market.

About gofor

Delivering better is our mantra. With electric vehicles, carbon offsets, empowered drivers, and smart packaging, gofor is delivering a renewable delivery model for the industry. Our commitment spans the full spectrum of needs of our customers: from the non-conveyable, nonconforming, and every package or person in between. As delivery expectations for convenience and speed shift towards sustainability, gofor is helping major brands across North America exceed customer expectations for delivery today — and tomorrow. To deliver better™. For people. For communities. For the future.

Source and Image: deliverbetter.com

Source: theogm.com

A New Look, a New Mission: gofor Rebrands With Deliver Better