A PAIN FREE LIFE: The Solution Within

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Dear Cosmic Community,

To lead a life that’s free of pain, be it physical, emotional, mental or the pain associated with a spiritual longing and a desire to return to one’s original state, is a much sought after ideal, one that’s rarely achieved. Yet, what is a pain free life and why would one want to seek it out? There is indeed considerable conjecture that without some level of pain (tension or pressure) that it’s impossible to grow, hone and polish the pearl that you are. We’ve all seen the good that can come when one moves through painful episodes, only to emerge stronger, more resilient, wiser, understanding and compassionate for the experience.

what if you could significantly reduce painful life lessons? What if you could grow and flourish equally as well, through the experience of joyful life lessons instead? It is possible and it is within everyone’s reach. In today’s ALL-NEW blog post, let’s look at the deeper causes of pain, how they stem from a spiritual longing and how they can lead to physical, emotional and mental pain. We’ll also look at the remedy and solutions to leading a pain free life, of which the source can be readily found - within…

The Origins of Pain
When one thinks of the concept of pain, ‘hurt’ immediately comes to mind, emotions can swell and a deep need to find the solution to be ‘out of pain’ often ensues. For pain is an experience that most people try to avoid and would rather not go through. And yet, some of us become so attached to pain and oblivious to what’s causing it, that we can sidestep its teaching qualities.

Your Flow is Out
Put in its simplest form, the experience of pain serves as a warning system that something is wrong with your flow. When pain is felt it’s a sign that there’s been a disruption to the proper and right distribution of energy. Your nervous system, which is your early warning system alerts you that something is wrong. You’ll then need to attend to the cause of the pain before it becomes worse. You’re being helped. You’re being forewarned, so that you can adjust yourself accordingly.

And so, from this perspective, you can see that the experience of pain is actually a much-needed tool for maintaining a healthy body, which is the material expression of your soul. If you experienced no pain, your body could wear out very quickly and wouldn't serve you for the many years of life experiences that you came here for.

Yet, there are different levels and types of pain. Identifying the root cause of where the pain is stemming from is vital in alleviating the pain and correcting the reason for why it’s being created in the first place.

The Spiritual Longing for Home
One of the causes of pain that humanity experiences comes from being disconnected from one’s soulful (original) spiritual origins. Each one of us has a knowing (deep within) that while Earth serves as our physical home, that we also have a spiritual home, a place that’s unconsciously longed for. You can go through many years and decades feeling ‘spiritual’ and yet being so focused on your outside material life, that you have no direct or immediate connection with the divine.

The Spiritual Wake-up Call

What can then inevitably happen, is that a painful episode, perhaps a crisis point (pain that’s been ignored for way too long) forces you to stop and reconsider everything. It’s during or after crisis points that many people reassess what’s not working in their life and make the decision to go within and look for the true source of their happiness and ultimate fulfillment. This is the ‘spiritual wake-up call’ which then sets you upon a life-long journey of connecting with soul and dismantling the personality’s misdirected, over-control over your life.

The Personality and The Soul
I’ve already spoken about this important topic in many blog posts, but let’s have a re-cap…

Consider that, YOU ARE SOUL. You’re a thinking, feeling and all-intelligent (ever-evolving) being of the light. You create your body (by soul’s will) through which to experience human life and the realm of physicality (the 3D realm). And, as a soul who has created this human body, you’ve also created an IDENTITY - your PERSONALITY, through which you express yourself and through which you learn (via life) to express SOUL’S WISDOM.

As you grow and learn through life’s experiences, you’ll become aware of a distinct difference between your head and your heart. You may often question yourself and wonder who is running your life - the being operating out of your head or the being operating out of your heart?

To help you, just imagine that SOUL expresses itself, via the portal of your heart. And it’s via the portal of your head (your brain) that your personality is expressed.

Your personality is created by the soul. It’s your human role. With the purpose of life being to wake-up to who you are and to then drop your head into your heart to take direct guidance from soul. When you can do this, your personality becomes the SPOKESPERSON for SOUL. This is when your head and heart are integrated and YOU know WHO YOU ARE. Lingering painful lessons reduce after this.

Becoming Attuned to Pain
Now that you have a deeper awareness around the differences between the personality and soul, consider that until you wake-up to your spiritual reality (and even after) it’s the personality which can override soul and tend to run your life. Personality, when not taking direction from the soul can be grossly misinformed. When you’re solely looking for causes and solutions to pain outside of you, you’ll never find a satisfying answer and hence, you can never truly heal.

For the personality becomes attuned to pain. When you experience the same painful episode again and again, you’ll come to expect it. Indeed, our society also tends to applaud the ability to handle copious amounts of pain. You’re often told… No pain, no gain - What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger - You’re so strong, you can handle it - Every blister is a badge (something that I learned from studying ballet).

So, is it any wonder that we come to expect that life is full of pain, with joyful episodes being few and far between.

Repeating What’s Familiar and Safe - even when painful
Here’s something else that I’ve learned from my conscious spiritual path over the past 2 decades. When your personality is side-stepping the soul (as can happen on most days) you’ll tend to attract into your life situations, that are familiar. Regardless of whether that familiarity induces pain or not, you still attract it to you. Why? Because the personality despises change.

It’s the personality’s role to know what it’s doing and to not mess up and routine gives it that. The personality wants to keep the soul and the body safe and secure (that’s it's job, like a watch dog at the gates) and hence, it keeps re-creating the familiar.

Your personality (when disconnected from the soul) doesn’t have the capacity to realise that the familiar may also be painful. You’ve just learned ways to overcome your pain or to how to deal with it, not to stop it however.

This is why you can keep attracting dis-empowering situations into your life, even when you think that you know better. If you haven’t yet learned how to connect in with your soul and receive soul’s guidance and then follow it, you’ll likely keep on making the same mistakes and experiencing similar pains over and over again.

For the soul LOVES CHANGE and the unfamiliar. Soul will always choose the new and the most simplest ‘pain free’ path, which can tend to be the opposite to the personality, which is expecting complication, struggle and pain as the norm.

So you see, there is a better way ahead and it all starts by coming within…

The Solution is Within
Coming within. What is it? It’s the ability to direct your consciousness into the heart space, which is a physical focal point to locate soul - your infinite being of light, within the physical body.

Just by closing your eyes and placing your hands over your heart, you’ll start to decompress from the outside world and you’ll begin to relate to the ‘inside world’, as your greater cause and greater reality.

A Daily Meeting with Your Soul
There is one act (and practice) that anyone can do. It’s this daily practice that will elevate your life so completely, that what may seem like radical life changes will ensue - almost immediately. And that practice is to arrange a daily meeting with your soul.

Mastering your human life (and moving beyond painful lessons towards joyful lessons) involves integrating head and heart, personality into soul. You want your personality to work for the soul, not against it. You want your personality to love connecting with the soul and to realise that your personality is created by the soul and that it’s a part of your greater reality. You want the personality to love the soul so much, that together you become one - this is when authenticity ensues.

But to get there, you need a direct experience of soul every day and this is where arranging a meeting with your soul comes in.

The reason for setting up a daily soul meeting is to get the personality on board. Your personality knows what meetings are. A meeting makes the head and heart connection official, real and tangible to the personality. A meeting is something that you’ll stick to, because you don’t want to let yourself down.

And what do you bring to these meetings?
Questions, ideas, a journal and a pen to record your notes.

Set aside 10 - 15 minutes for your meeting each day (you can do that). Make it at a time that suits you. If you can’t make it daily at first, it’s OK. Start with weekly to begin with and build up to daily. Trust me, you’ll love these meetings so much, that you’ll want to go daily.

Your Daily Meeting with Soul. The Steps (10 to 15 minutes)

  • Be in a quiet space, where you won’t be disturbed

  • Have a notebook and journal with you

  • Before commencing your meeting, write down any questions that you have for soul. Leave a space under each question for answers

  • Sit with a straight spine, uncross your arms and legs and close your eyes

  • Focus upon your breath. Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth

  • Just imagine that all of the thoughts and energy of your head is draining down into your heart

  • Take your time with this. Eventually you’ll feel a wave of peace washing through you. That’s when you’ve located soul

  • Enjoy the soul connection and when you’re ready, open your eyes and look at your first question. Close your eyes again and then ask the question out aloud or silently within

  • Wait and listen for an answer to be intuited within you

  • Open your eyes and write down anything that you pick up on, no matter how insignificant or how elaborate

  • Then go to your next question and follow the same process

  • If there’s any answer that you don’t understand, ask soul for more information

  • Keep this process going until you feel still and satisfied. Then, your meeting is adjourned

I’ve also created a beautiful Guided Meditation that will help you to directly connect with The Temple of Your Heart

What you’ll begin to discover by meeting with your soul everyday is that all of the answers to every question and problem in life can be located within you. You are your own best motivator and wise counsel. You really do know and have access to everything.

Once you start receiving soul’s direct guidance you’ll find that you’re given instructions on what to do to alleviate pain from reoccurring.

You’ll still be notified when there’s danger, through the immediate shot of discomfort in the body, but it won’t need to linger. You’ll remedy it straight away. During these meetings, your personality may not like what it hears at first, because your guidance WILL involve change.

But, keep coming back to soul every day and asking for the how to’s - and for reassurance that you’ll be supported and looked after. That way, you’ll gain confidence over time and can apply your solutions, step-by-step, on a daily basis.

Learning Through Joy
Eventually, with enough practice of aligning head into heart (personality into soul) you’ll turn around your painful experiences and begin to learn through joyful experiences instead.

I truly believe that the way of the enlightened human is to learn through joy and not pain
. We’ve had tens of thousands of years learning from the painful model. Now that we’re slowly crossing over into The Aquarian Astrological Era of Light, and with the higher density realities finally being accessed on Earth (5D and beyond), the time to learn through joy, surely is nearing.

I trust that this blog post has truly helped you to reconsider the source of your pain and what you can do to begin leading a pain free life ♡

Let me know how this blog post has assisted you. Share your experiences in the comments section below. Blessings ♡

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A PAIN FREE LIFE: The Solution Within