A Very Windy Friday

The Ridge

On Friday, June 17th Bill was up at 5:30 (or sooner) as he had to be in Mildmay for 7 am. I’d been dreaming but had a good sleep – as far as I remember! 😊 I read a comment on Facebook yesterday from a niece that I’ve only met once (she’s my oldest sister’s husband’s daughter). Anyway, she was in my dream along with my other sisters. Why Tammy was at Ladyfest is a mystery but it proves how strange our dreams can be and where the content comes from.

It was quite a nice morning but it was still
a short walk

I took my time getting up, although I briefly popped out of bed at 6:15 to kiss Bill goodbye, and then Gibbs and I went for a short walk out the lane and back. More evidence of turtles laying eggs only to be followed by Mr. Pepe Le Pew eating them. It is so sad sometimes, this nature thing, when one species is preventing another from surviving. I found 3 freshly disturbed nests and tossed the shells before Gibbs found them.

As I was leaving I got the picture
Too bad the truck wasn't turned more so
you could see the long sheltered laneway

A lovely private spot
Two houses, the one on the right is their studio

Bill and I talked about it later that it is only a blessing that Mama Yertle has no idea since she lays the eggs and moves on. At least we don’t think she is aware that this is happening after she leaves. So sad to us turtle lovers. After our walk, I drove into Durham to clean. I gathered up the clothes that were still in the washers and put them in the Lost & Found. I’m going to have to wash them down the road and take them to a donation centre again.

Back through the trees is a cottage style home
built, owned  and resided in by the previous property owners

I took an extra half hour today to scrape the parking lot clean of debris. Stones, gravel, sand, leaves and the cigarette butts that never seem to find a can. They latter went into the garbage but the debris was just pushed to the back of the lot into the bushes. It looks better even though I had to use a snow shovel to do it! 😊 It worked quite well! I left there and stopped at Foodland for some milk and butter before heading home.

After I finished my blog, it was 'Gibbs' time
He made sure of that!

Well, there have been Garage Sale signs for the past week and my nose (and Black Beauty) had to follow the signs back into a well-hidden property. What a lovely spot! I found 3 books (James Patterson), a gift for Donna and some purple stones for – something I’ll figure out down the road. They were pretty. We had a nice chat, the 2 owners and myself and when the conversation rattled around Arizona, this time I remembered to leave them one of our cards. 😊

While I cut grass, I was being
closely watched
No, his head isn't stuck.

Back home, I sat and finished my blog for yesterday and then placed an online order, had some lunch and we went outside to cut grass. I only cut the main area up here, it is enough considering it also involves moving the hammock, chairs and picnic table. Gibbs and I sat for a long time, just on the steps and then in a chair. The wind increased by the hour and yet it was deliciously warm! No complaints, the humidity seems to have dissipated. Cooler air is afoot.

He's putting on his most dejected look
I think
I see 'adorable'.💕

We came in when it was tea time, around 3:30, and it wasn’t long after that Bill came home. I’ve started a new book but only got a few pages read at this sitting. It is called The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker. It sounds good so I’ll keep you informed as I go along. There just doesn’t seem to be the same amount of time to read in my days lately. Between work, the puzzle and Gibbs, my plate is easily filled. No complaints except that I’m so far behind on blogs!

Except for the winds, it has been another
mixed bag day
Sun, blue skies, clouds, heat, cool
No sunset at all tonight, the clouds to the west
are too thick and gray
Notice the bend in the trees?

The flag is confused with which way to blow
My table cloth needed to be bungeed down
The clips kept blowing off. lol

For supper, we had (bclt’s) bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato sandwiches. Toasted, of course. They were very good and when Bill went out to cut some of ‘his’ grass, I cleaned up and had a couple of scoops of ice cream. He’ll have his later, where I like to avoid eating after 7 if I can. 😊 The winds have not abated all day, gotten stronger if anything. We hope they calm before tomorrow, it's hard to fly planes in the winds! The temperature may have reached 21C/70F but have now dropped to 14C/58F at 7 pm.

Simple, delicious and filling
Bill had two 😋

Gibbs went upstairs to bed while I wrote today’s post. What a goof! Oh well, at least he isn’t laying across my laptop as he often does. Hint, hint for attention. ♥ This was a great day. 

This little hummer loves the Corabelle

The hummers are not discouraged by the wind
at all
Nor are the finches. They sit on their feeder and
swing to and fro with it
A free carousel ride!

My sister-in-law had a personal operation in Cold Lake, Alberta this morning and the best news of the day is that she is doing well. Nothing upsetting to report so I’m feeling not only are we relieved and grateful but my little brother is flying high. ♥♥♥ Thank you, God for playing a part in all that.

Prayers for a quick recovery, Crystal!
You two are adorable! ♥♥
Good night!

Thank you to my readers for sticking around with me for another day too!

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A Very Windy Friday