A wild day.

The winds were very strong today, occasional cloud around the summits but otherwise visibility was okay. Staying on your feet was the challenge of the day, crampons were very useful as its very firm and icy in any wind exposed location.


Top kudos to this team. Tried to catch some old style tele skiing but the winds were just too strong. Made the sensible choice to head down for a brew. Many burn lines are still skiable to reasonably low levels.


The winds were savage at times today with gusts in excess of 70 mph and very firm snow underfoot, crampons were useful.


More disguised Ptarmigans, colours just starting to change. Opting to stay on the floor today.


Decided to descend via a sheltered burn. Good fast walking away from the wind. Mountain hare with same idea.


Looking towards the very white corries of Beinn a Bhuird.

A wild day.