SEMA 2019: 10 New Overland & Off Road Products

There is always a whole host of new off road and overland gear released at the annual automotive aftermarket trade show extravaganza known as The SEMA Show. For SEMA 2019 there was a few gems amongst the sea of knockoffs and horrible ideas.

I wrote about ten of the great new pieces of gear I spotted over at Gear Junkie; New Overland Gear From SEMA Show 2019. On that list I included the: Icon 2.5 Aluminum Series Shocks, Yakima LockNLoad Platform Rack, Dometic Series 3 Fridges, Suntop JLU SunTent, AEV Steel Wheels, Warn Crosstrek Winch Bumper, Factor 55 Rope Retention Pulley, Decked Truck-Bed Toolbox, AAL Gladiator Bed Rack System and the Bear Bones Overland Trailer.

In reality there was plenty more great new products on display at the show this year, and I wanted to share more with you here. Here are ten more awesome products that I spotted at the show:

AEV RAM HD Rear Bumper

The much anticipated AEV (2010-2020) HD Ram rear bumper is finally coming to the market! This bumper not only looks amazing, but is a stout construction, modular design and ties directly into frame.

Lightforce HTX2 Light

Lightforce continues to innovate. The new Lightforce HTX2 offers up a wide LED outer ring with a spot HID in center. This light puts out 1 lux at 1 mile, aka a shit ton of light! The HTX2 comes with a simplified power wiring harness, will be available in a few weeks and will set you back $630 per light.

MSA 4×4 JT/JL Tow Mirrors

The new Jeep Gladiator desperately needs proper mirrors, especially if you plan to tow anything with the truck (as I talked about here). MSA 4×4 has stepped up to the plate with feature rich fold out, extendable, heated, electric and blind spot warning indicator tow mirror for the Gladiator. These new mirrors should hit the US market in 2020, and cost around $890 for a set.

Switch-Pros RCR-Force 12

Switch-Pros makes high quality customizable vehicle accessory switching systems. The new Switch-Pros RCR-Force 12 offers up the ability to operate even more accessories through one unit, with 12 switches and 17 outputs. It also comes with a new “racer touch panel,” which is a face plate for the switch panel that allows you to easily locate the switch you want without looking. The new unit should be available in early 2020 and run $980.

Cobra Road Scout Dash Cam/Radar Detector

The Cobra Road Scout has been out for a few months, but it is the first all in one dash-cam radar detector combo. This slick little unit works really well and keeps the windshield clutter to a minimum. Pick yours up today for $449.95.

Rugged Ridge Venator Front Winch Bumper

There are a bazillion bumper options for the Jeep Wrangler. I personally like the look and functionality of very few of them. The new Rugged Ridge Venator front modular construction winch bumper caught my eye however. It has an aggressive unique look that will look good on a wide range of JL and Gladiator builds. I like the functionality of the crazy big recovery hooks with two shackle mounts. The Rugged Ridge Venator bumper will cost you $699, plus $120 for the overrider grille guard, and will be available before the end of the year.

ARB Ford Ranger Parts

ARB has put their special touch and expertise onto the North American Ford Ranger. They now offer a suspension, front bumper, rear bumper, sliders, snorkel, bed drawer system and rear diff cover for the Ranger. You’ll be able to buy these parts individually or as a complete kit to up-fit your truck. Expect to see these new ARB Ranger parts on US shores in the next few months.

Nikola NZT Electric UTV

One of the single coolest things at SEMA this year was the Nikola NZT. This four-seat four-door full-electric UTV is expected to go into production at the end of 2021 for a price of $90,000+, for the enclosed version with air conditioning. It is for off highway use only, has 590 hp and 775 torque, offers 90-150 mile range and is 4wd with four independent drive motors.

Go Fast Campers Flight Deck

Go Fast Campers showed off their new “Flight Deck” truck bed platform system at the show. It has removable panels and custom no tool install tie down hardware. Very cool in a lot of ways! This system will make a great addition to any truck, even if you don’t have one of the GoFast Campers truck bed camper systems.

Trail Ready GXplore Bumper

Trail Ready Bumpers didn’t have a booth at the show. However my GX460 was on display and features the all-new Trail Ready GXplore front winch bumper. I’m really proud of how tidy and functional this new Lexus GX460 bumper turned out. Great collaboration with a great American company! Order yours today.

(Of course I didn’t forget about all the awesome vehicles at the show! I shared the top 10 Overland Vehicles over at GJ HERE.)

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SEMA 2019: 10 New Overland & Off Road Products