74K global participants in virtual edition of 2020 Red Bull Timelaps

74K global participants in virtual edition of 2020 Red Bull Timelaps

Billed as the world’s longest one day cycling challenge, Red Bull Timelaps lived on this year as a virtual event. This this year’s edition ‘employed modern technology to open its doors to more riders than ever before and culminated in the event’s closest ever finish.’

In a year that has tested the resolve of the cycling community through isolated rides and numerous event cancellations, 74,423 individual riders came together around the world to take part in the Red Bull Timelaps Strava Challenge, with a total of 1,984,019 miles covered over the course of the weekend.

784 riders in the UK went even further and accepted Red Bull’s challenge to cycle in teams of four as far as they could for a whopping 25 hours, achieving a collective 95,946 miles in total between midday on Saturday 24th and midday Sunday 25th October.

Usually taking place as a physical event in Windsor Great Park, this year’s event ran as a Strava based distance challenge in order to overcome social distancing restrictions brought about by COVID-19, and allow more participants than ever before to ride against the clock.

Testing not only strength and speed, riders’ team tactics and technical nous were challenged as they had to choose whether to ride indoors or outside, and arrange transitions with teammates sometimes hundreds of miles apart.

Taking the top step on this year’s podium was Team Innovation, riding 673.91 miles over the 25 hour period. As seasoned indoor racers, team members were well attuned to racing on Zwift and used their experience in the mythical world of Watopia to their advantage.

Commenting on Team Innovation’s win, captain Gavin Richardson said: “Our overall strategy was for each rider to do two-hour blocks with six hours rest in between. From our experience racing on Zwift, we knew that bridging over to groups ‘up the road’ and drafting was key to overall speed.

“With distance being doubled during the ‘Power Hour’ we identified this as a great opportunity to leapfrog some teams. Going into this 5 miles down in second or third place, we went full gas and came out with a 6 minute lead. Finally winning by just 0.68 of a mile, this made all the difference. Hats off to our competitors and to Red Bull for a fantastic event.”



74K global participants in virtual edition of 2020 Red Bull Timelaps