Best Of Transition: PhD Jobs & Job Search Strategies, August 14th 2021

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So without further delay, here are Best of Transition: PhD Job Search articles for the week of August 14th 2021 for PhDs.

This Week’s Best Articles On PhD Jobs And Job-Search Strategies, August 14th, 2021

For Saturday, August 14th, 2021  

Top Overall: How To Land A Job Through Networking–Forbes Wasim Hajjiri


Top: How To Land A Job Through Networking–Forbes Wasim Hajjiri

Informational Interviews: The Hidden Gem of Career Exploration Hannah Harshman

This one thing can help you find a job after long-term unemployment– Muhammad Younas

Networking remotelyMarc Cenedella


Top:4 Things You Might Overlook When Applying for Jobs– Laura Brothers

99% of large companies use resume-scanning software — how to make sure yours beats the bots– Morgan Smith

5 Keys To Transforming Your Resume–Ashley Stahl

5 Benefits of Including a Good Cover Letter With Your ResumeLindsey Benson


Top: Never ask these 5 questions during job interviews — ask these 4 alternatives instead– Deborah Sweeney

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Any Interview–Laura Brothers

5 obvious things ‘too many people’ forget to do before job interviews, according to CEO of 10 years –Gary Burnison

Harvard Career Advisor Offers A Template For Answering The Most Common Job Interview Question– Carmine Gallo

Transferable Skills

Top: What Skills Can Help You Make A Career Transition?– Pavel Krapivin

5 Tips for Handling Conflict at Work – Porschia Parker-Griffin

How I tackled post-PhD imposter syndrome– Kelsey Inouye

Using these 6 power words in a follow-up email improves your chances of getting an offer – Steve Adcock

Academic Blues

Top: UK academics seethe over universities’ cost-cutting movesNature Natasha Gilbert

From Sacred Cow to Sacrificial Lamb– Scott Latham & Michael Braun

Vista College suspends in-person enrollment, furloughs employees across TexasKendall Hogan

Funding cuts to go ahead for university arts courses in England despite opposition – Sally Weale

Industry Positions

Top: Recruiting And Negotiating Tips From An Ex-Google Recruiter – Forbes EQ Editorial Staff

This one skill can boost your hireability in any industry– Eli Schwartz

7 career change obstacles and how to overcome themJessica Howington

Should You Quit Your Job During the “Great Resignation”? Ask Yourself These 10 Questions – Nell Wulfhart

Business Acumen

Top: 13 Strategies New Entrepreneurs Can Use To Build Reliable Sources Of Recurring Revenue – Forbes Coaches Council

These 2 Soaring Biotech Stocks Are Making the Nasdaq StrongerDan Caplinger

AbCellera Biologics Inc. (ABCL) Q2 2021 Earnings Call Transcript – Motley Fool Transcribing

BioSpace Movers & Shakers, Aug. 13– Alex Keown

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Best Of Transition: PhD Jobs & Job Search Strategies, August 14th 2021