Toys for 11 Year Old Boys

This age is tough because it seems like all boys want to do is sit on their electronics. But trust me when I say this list contains The BEST Toys for 11 Year Old Boys. I have talked to many different mom’s, 11 year old boys, and of course added some of my favorite toys to give. These toys are tried and true favorites of many.

The BEST Toys for 11 year old boys.

The BEST Toys for 11 Year Old Boys

You will find expensive to inexpensive toys in this list. These toy ideas are perfect for Christmas, birthdays, or any time in between.

If you are looking for toys for birthdays, Christmas or anytime in-between we have got you covered. Your son is quickly approaching those teen years or treasure this “tween” year a little bit longer.

LEGOs and Building Sets

One of our favorite “toys” in our house is LEGO’s. My kids really love LEGOs and seem to play with them the most out of every toy we have. LEGOs are good for kids of all ages. I also like how they last for a long time and grow with your kids. You may think that your 11 year old is too big for LEGOs but my husband still likes to put together LEGOs so if you love them they never get old.

There are a great deal of great building sets to stimulate their brain to thing and problem solve. These are a few of our favorite sets.

The BEST LEGO sets and building sets for 11 year old boys.

All Boy Play

All boy play is one of those sequence of words that sounds exhausting. But trust me these toys will keep your 11 year old boy and his friends out of your hair and playing together.

One of his favorite things to do with friends is have nerf wars. They like to dress up in camouflage to have their wars inside or out. We also have a few different targets which is also a nice options.

The BEST All boy play toys for 11 year old boys.

BEST Electronics

Electronics can be a tough one, because it feels like now a days everyone is obsessed with electronics. They can be a good thing if you find the right ones for your child.

One of our favorite electronics in our house is an iPad. You can set parameters on them to keep your kids safe from harmful things on the Internet.

The BEST Electronics for 11 year old boys.

Fun Cool Gadgets

My boy has been into “cool” gadgets ever since he was a little boy. He loves to figure out how things work and put things back together that he has taken apart.

I really love gadgets that stimulate their brain and make them think a little while they are playing with the toy. These are a few of our favorite cool gadgets for 11 year old boys.

The BEST Cool Gadget toy ideas for 11 year old boys.

Outdoor Play

I am all about any toy that gets my kids outside to play. I feel when kids are outside their minds are taken to a new place and they get super creative.

One of the big toys that we have purchased that my kids absolutely love is a nice bike. The best thing about bikes at this age is they will grow with your child. We love riding bikes as a family and this purchase will definitely be worth every penny you spend on it.

The BEST outdoor play toy ideas for 11 year old boys.

Finding toys for kids can be really fun when you have direction.  I hope you find the toy for your 11 year old boy.  I’m just an everyday mom, and I love sharing some of our tried and true tested toys.

If you have any more toy ideas please comment below, I love to hear from my readers.

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Toys for 11 Year Old Boys