They Will Thank Us Someday

The best thing we can do for our two kids is strengthen our marriage.

So 3-4 mornings a week we run together while they are asleep. We leave them a note so they know where we are, but 99% of the time they are still asleep when we return.

They may not remember these specific moments someday, but I believe they will be thankful we invested in each other.

On airplanes they always give the safety talk where they tell adults to put on their oxygen mask first, before their child. You cannot help the child if you cannot breathe.

We have to put the oxygen mask on our marriage first. Then we can be good parents….not the other way around.

Obviously we couldn’t do the runs when they were babies and toddlers.

But part of this parenting journey is recognizing the shifts.

We no longer have babies and toddlers. We are in a shift where we can choose to diverge or converge.

One definition of converge is to “incline toward each other.” I like that.

We are choosing to converge and they will thank us someday.


They Will Thank Us Someday