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November 7th, 2021 1-3PM ET

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Aaron Rodgers Addresses Vaccine Fiasco, Says He’s In ‘The Crosshairs Of The Woke Mob’ And ‘Cancel Culture’ Aaron Rodgers has broken his silence on his vaccination status. The Green Bay Packers quarterback is out Sunday against the Chiefs after testing positive for coronavirus, and it was also revealed that he’s unvaccinated, despite claiming he was “immunized.” During a Friday interview with Pat McAfee, Rodgers said he’s in “the crosshairs of the woke mob” and people looking to put the “final nail” in his “cancel culture casket.” He also called out the “witch hunt” that unfolded in the NFL to find out who was vaccinated and who wasn’t. Furthermore, he explained he’s allergic to an ingredient in the mRNA vaccines, which are the Moderna and Pfizer options. He’s also listening to Joe Rogan’s advice and taking Ivermectin. Honestly, good for Aaron Rodgers, and I say that as someone who is vaccinated and believes in the vaccine. Rodgers doesn’t owe anyone answers, and he damn sure doesn’t owe reporters answers on his vaccination status. While the outrage machine is spinning up, he laid it all out for McAfee and his fans as to why he did what he did.

Can you be ‘immunized’ if you’re not vaccinated? Here’s what the CDC and WHO have to say If a person claims to be “immunized” against COVID-19, what exactly do they mean? In some cases, it depends on who is making the claim — and which definition they subscribe to. The terms “immunization” and “vaccination” are often used interchangeably to describe the process by which an individual is made resistant to disease, such as COVID-19. But as far as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is concerned, “immunization” only occurs after vaccination — and does not refer to protection that comes from a previous infection. The CDC’s definitions for immunization reads as follows:Immunization: A process by which a person becomes protected against a disease through vaccination. This term is often used interchangeably with vaccination or inoculation. The World Health Organization’s definition differs slightly:Immunization is the process whereby a person is made immune or resistant to an infection, typically by the administration of a vaccine. While WHO’s definition leaves the door open to the potential usage of “immunization” by those who developed immunity from a previous infection, further language on WHO’s website appears to strongly link vaccination with immunization. The latter is even discussed in terms of the “millions of lives” that vaccines are responsible for saving each year, as explained on the organization’s “Vaccines and Immunization” webpage.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb Proclaims New Pfizer Covid Drug Marks ‘The End of the Pandemic’ Could the Covid-19 pandemic be coming to an end? In the eyes of one prominent expert, the answer is yes. Appearing on CNBC’s Squawk Box Friday, former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said that Pfizer’s experimental antiviral pill — which was found, in trials, to cut the risks of hospitalization or death from Covid by 90 percent — will have a dramatic impact. “I think the bottom line is the end of the end of the pandemic‚ as least as it relates to the United States, is in sight right now — given that we have the tools to combat this disease,” Gottlieb said. The former FDA commissioner and current Pfizer board member did add the caveat that “we still have to get through this Delta wave,” and that might take two months. But the arrival of this new drug, along with a therapeutic produced by Merck, will ultimately be a watershed moment.

Zero Religious Exemptions Granted for COVID Vaccines in Air Force, As Deadline Passes The Air Force missed its initial Nov. 2 deadline to vaccinate all its active-duty airmen, in large part because the service is still sorting through thousands of requests for exemptions, officials said. Most notably, Air Force officials received nearly 5,000 requests for religious exemptions but have granted none of them, according to the service’s COVID-19 statistics dashboard. Service officials have dealt with all of the requests for medical and administrative exemptions, approving 1,634 of the former and 232 of the latter. Military chaplains have been charged with determining the “severity of religious conviction” of those airmen who requested religious exemption, Stars and Stripes reported last week. In an attempt to prevent non-religious airmen from claiming religious exemption, the approvals are being made on a case-by-case basis. While religious exemptions have long been an option for various Defense Department policies, the archbishop for the military released a statement in mid-October reiterating to Catholic troops specifically that a religious exemption should be within their rights. “No one should be forced to receive a COVID-19 vaccine if it would violate the sanctity of his or her conscience,” said Archbishop for the Military Services Timothy P. Broglio, in a statement released Oct. 12.

Question of The Day!

Hi Robert, I saw your at TTAC 2021 in Nashville and loved listening to everything you and all the speakers had to say. I am very concerned about vaccine mandates – especially since I am a federal employee and these ‘mandates’ are no choice essentially for us (unless we work for Congress!) and we have a deadline to be fully vaccinated with the junky “gene therapy drug” by 22 November. Which essentially means, we must have the second shot by next Monday, the 8th. I have a medical exemption out there with my agency (who has claimed THEY have the final say about whether my medical exemption is acceptable regardless of more than two doctors who have indicated that I should not get it due to a brain condition). In any event, my medical exemption has been “pending” since 5 October so we are heading into 6 weeks. I will not comply and will not quit. I will continue to show up to work every damn day. I am eligible to retire in 2.5 years so I’ll be damned if this “mandate” negates my employment! What do you have to say to those of us in this predicament – since we are not employed by private employers? FYI, my husband is a federal contractor and has received one vaccine. – Shelly

Emilio Estevez Not Returning To ‘The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers’ For Season 2 The Mighty Ducks franchise will continue without Gordon Bombay. Emilio Estevez, who reprised his role from the 1992 movie and its 1994 and 1996 sequels in Season 1 of The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, will not be back for the Disney+ series’ upcoming second season, I have learned. I hear Disney Television Studios’ ABC Signature, which produces the hockey-themed sequel series, made the decision not to pick up Estevez’s option for Season 2 after weeks of back and forth with his team over the show’s Covid vaccination requirement. Reps for the studio and Estevez declined comment. Heading into Season 2, The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers — like many Disney TV Studios series — has adopted a mandatory vaccination policy for the cast and crew in Zone A, which was included as an option in the most recent Return-to-Work agreement between the Hollywood studios and major unions. (Zone A includes all actors and crew members who come into direct contact with them.)


Special Guest Mary Beth Gonzalez!

Announcing The Gonzalez Guardians! This group of dedicated scientists and past patients have been fueling an invisible medical revolution ever since Nicholas Gonzalez M.D. died in 2015. Together we are bringing The Gonzalez Protocol® to doctors and patients around the world. Our team of Gonzalez Guardians have worked quietly behind the front lines for years to protect Dr. Gonzalez’s protocols. We built an extensive curriculum and educational program for doctors interested in learning how Dr. Gonzalez achieved such effective results in treating the most deadly diseases and in educating people on how to build healthy lifestyles.

Without Dr. Gonzalez here to carry on his work, The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation committed to shining a bright light on Dr. Gonzalez’s life-saving natural treatments. We refused to allow Dr. Gonzalez’s groundbreaking protocols to be extinguished, altered or fade into oblivion like the brilliant work of his mentors Dr. William Donald Kelley and Dr. John Beard.

Now we are pleased to announce that several doctors from around the world have joined The Gonzalez Guardians and recently completed our 2021 Educational Seminar in The Gonzalez Protocol®. Prospective patients can now APPLY to connect with a doctor offering this nutritional enzyme treatment for cancer and other degenerative diseases.

If Dr. Gonzalez were alive today…

We believe he would be smiling from ear to ear. We believe he would be thrilled that so many people like yourself are interested in learning about The Gonzalez Protocol®. We believe he would be pleased at the progress our small, non-profit foundation has made to secure his legacy and the future availability of his nutritional protocol.

We know that without Dr. Gonzalez himself here to drive this work forward, his groundbreaking protocols are in danger of fading into oblivion like the brilliant work of his mentors Dr. William Donald Kelley and Dr. John Beard.

Prior to his unexpected death on July 21, 2015, Dr. Gonzalez meticulously documented the scientific theory of his work and proved its effectiveness. He published several books and recorded hundreds of hours of interviews and lectures. He wrote more than 120 in-depth patient cancer case studies — the result of a lifetime of research and groundbreaking patient care — case studies that would publicly legitimize a whole new approach to nothing less than curing cancer. All kinds of cancer.

Today, we invite you to join our movement

“Dr. Nick”, as his patients called him, never gave up and now, in his footsteps, we have taken the baton despite the many obstacles placed on our path. We encourage you to become part of the winning team that keeps Dr. Gonzalez’s life’s work alive and brings his life-saving work to patients around the world.

BOOK EXCERPT- The Maverick M.D.  “Babies calling Babies,” Nick dialed Mary Beth on the phone at the end of the day on September 4, 2008. Both Nick and Mary Beth referred to
each other by the nickname “Babies,” and he always called her just before he was about to go out the door of his office and depart for home—often as late as 8:00 or 9:00 P.M. When Mary Beth received the call, she started steaming vegetables for their dinner, and as soon as he arrived, they would sit down to eat together.

Immediately, on the other end of the line, Mary Beth could tell that Nick was upset, more upset than usual in these long grueling years of the clinical trial. “What’s wrong?”
“It’s over,” he said. “The trial?”
“The trial, my research, my practice, my career. Take your pick.”
“What happened?”
“Tell you when I get there.”

Briefcase in hand, Nick walked up Fifth Avenue toward his apartment building as he did most nights, his shoes clicking the pavement of the sidewalk. Past Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany’s, and Trump Tower, Nick got angrier and more worried with each step. The trial had already done damage to his reputation. The word was out about the purported results and his numbers of new patients were down. His expenses were up. The cost of his office suite climbed every year as did his malpractice insurance. His apartment, too, wasn’t cheap. But most of all, his twenty years of research were over. Tanked.

The Maverick M.D.: Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez and His Fight for a New Cancer Treatment Why would no one believe the Ivy-League trained Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D. when a pilot study for his treatment of pancreatic cancer showed promising results? Gonzalez worked as a lone wolf, removed from the inner circle of cancer research that he so revered. He, his patients, his wife, and a handful of prominent scientists and supporters thought he was onto something–a nutritional approach to cancer and other degenerative diseases–that was beyond the imaginations of mainstream medicine. Gonzalez could have gone to Mexico where his family had lived and set up a cancer clinic alongside other alternative practitioners. Instead, he stayed in New York City, secured the funding, and fought to have his protocol tested through a properly run clinical trial. The Maverick, M.D. dramatizes Nicholas Gonzalez’ backstory and his battles with the forces that sought to squelch his research, keeping his healing discoveries in medicine from reaching the world.

Proof of Concept – 25 Best Cancer Cases Presented to the National Cancer Institute In 1993, Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D. presented his best 25 cancer patient cases to the National Cancer Institute (NCI). This is Dr. Gonzalez’s original presentation including the appropriate medical records confirming each diagnosis. The Gonzalez Protocol is based on the enzyme treatment for cancer. At this early stage in his medical practice, Dr. Gonzalez was optimistic and believed that if he could prove that his protocol was effective for treating cancer, the NCI would support his nutritional cancer research. This presentation includes cases of breast cancer, endometrial cancer, adenoid cystic carcinoma, head and neck cancer, lung cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, renal cell carcinoma, sarcoma and thyroid cancer.

Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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Aaron Rodgers speaks, Immunized vs vaccinated, Gottlieb Pfizer drug, Air Force religious exemptions, Hour 2 ENCORE – Mary Beth Gonzalez, The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation, The Gonzalez Guardians and MORE!