ACI "Paragraph IV Disputes Master Symposium," Chicago, September 30-October 1

ACI's "Paragraph IV Disputes Master Symposium" returns to Chicago next week, September 30 to October 1.  According to ACI, this is an "advanced forum for brand name and generic counsel on the intricacies of Hatch-Waxman litigation."

The agenda includes the following presentations:

  • Review of Key Supreme Court Cases that May Alter the Course of Paragraph IV Litigation
  • Identifying New Due Diligence Concerns Relative to ANDA Drug Targets and Anticipating New Paragraph IV Challenges
  • It's All About Timing:  Exploring the Surge in Premature Paragraph IV Notice Filings and Its Consequences
  • Teva v. Sandoz--A Debate on the Standard of Review for Claim Construction: De Novo vs. Deferential
  • Exploring the Use of Reissue Applications to Amend Invalidity Findings in the District Courts
  • Analyzing the Evolving Utilization of IPR and Other PTO Proceedings in Paragraph IV Litigation
  • Understanding the Importance of Abiding by Local Rules: A Magistrate's Perspective
  • A View from the Bench: The Judges Speak
  • Exploring New Developments in Double-Patenting Type Obviousness and Federal Circuit and PTO Discord on Obviousness
  • Experts, Problems of Proof, Dispositive Motions and Markman Hearings: Addressing Common Dilemmas Encountered in a Paragraph IV Trial
  • Understanding How the Supreme Court's Decision in Limelight v. Akamai Will Impact ANDA Litigation Involving Method of Treatment Patents
  • FTC Keynote: Reverse Payment Settlements and Other Antitrust Concerns Impacting Paragraph IV Litigation in the Wake of Actavis
  • The Ever Shifting Boundaries of the Safe Harbor: Determining the Scope of 271(e)(1) Protections Relative to Paragraph IV Litigation After Classen and Momenta
  • New Exclusivity Challenges for Brand Names and Generics: Exploring Their Implications for Paragraph IV Challenges
  • The Uncertain Future of At-Risk Launches: A Study of Injunctive Relief, Damages, and the Impact of the Protonix Case
  • Ethical Considerations for Paragraph IV Matters Before the PTO and District Courts

ACI is also offering two pre-conference workshops on Monday, September 29:  "PTO Procedures Practice Boot Camp for Paragraph IV Litigators" and "A Judge's Perspective on Effectively and Ethically Communicating with the Court in Paragraph IV Matters," which will feature four former federal judges.

Mention discount code OBB200 to save $200 on registration.  For more information, please visit the conference website.

ACI "Paragraph IV Disputes Master Symposium," Chicago, September 30-October 1