Adult Friend Finder Review: I Paid For a Gold Membership To See How Well Their Site Works

When I decided to do an AdultFriendFinder review my #1 question was whether or not the site was legit, or just another scam dating site.

To find out, I bought their Gold Membership and put my credit card into their site.

Fast forward 3 weeks and 200 messages later, I’m now meeting up with a woman from Burbank regularly, and have experienced my first threesome ever.

At 220 pounds and 5 foot 6, I’m not exactly a Harry Styles either.

So what happened beyond the paywall?  In this review you’ll ride passenger seat on my journey and learn about my attempts using the site to get laid.

What’s Beyond That Gold Membership Pay Page?

Instantly after paying and upgrading from the free version the site alerted me to a lot more “horny people” in my area, over 300 of them.

Some of them start sending me messages almost immediately. The first message was from someone who seemed to be a bot. Another message was sent from a woman who wanted to take our conversation off AFF (which i later learned is a common scammer technique on the site, AVOID people like this)

But there were real people too.  Live breathing women who actually wanted to find a guy to fuck.  

Here’s the thing though, most were not as attractive as the stunning women shown in the AFF ads and on the AFF homepage.  

Most are below average in the looks department and are often on the lonely side, but they’re willing to hookup with just about any guy they can get their hands on.

So there ARE women there ready to meet up, it just depends on how high your standards are, but you can definitely find sex on the site in one form or another.

And then there’s the swingers… most are regular people, like this older couple that hit me with a message wanting some BBC action. You would not expect them to like freaky things. These people look like an elderly couple at Denny’s eating a Sunday breakfast. (I cropped out their picture to respect their privacy)

So is AFF a good site?

Adultfriendfinder is good if you are looking to bang 6/10 looking girls or below, meet swingers, or get invited to hookup with a hotwife–however, it is very rare to find gorgeous college girls like their homepage advertises. 

If you want to have sex with hot college-age girls, your best option is probably Seeking, and if you want to hookup with hot milfs, then Ashley Madison is best in my experience.  I’ve tested all three of these hookup sites now and here’s how i would rate them:

  • AdultFriendFinder – best for meeting swingers, couples, hotwives and less than average looking partners.
  • Seeking – best for meeting young and beautiful women
  • Ashley Madison – best for meeting attractive MILFS and cougars

So Is AdultFriendFinder Legit or a Scam?

Well, the answer to that question takes a bit of contemplating. Even Socrates would have a hard time answering this one.

Out of millions of people creating hundreds of thousands profiles daily, there will undoubtedly be some people who did not have a good experience. Hey, it happens. In other words: you cannot please everyone. Anyone who had one bad experience will leave a bad review of AFF. That’s the nature of reading these Adult Friend Finder reviews. On the flip side, plenty of people have given AFF two thumbs up because they found what they were looking for. Are their thoughts invalid?

That brings us to this point: what type of relationship are you looking for when using an online dating site like

If your answer is to hookup with an average looking woman, then your experience will likely be an A+ because there are plenty of sexually eager people floating around these waters. AdultFriendFinder accepts users from hundreds of countries. The customer support claims there are 339 million accounts to date and counting. 

And as i was able to verify, the vast majority of them are sex-crazed maniacs looking for a short-term fling; in other words, booty call. Now, if you are looking for a long-term relationship and possibly get married, our best advice is to log off and go to Christian Mingle.

With that in mind, think about this. Millions of people from across the globe create accounts on AFF; therefore, finding a companion for NSA sex should be as easy as placing an order at a Mcdonald’s drive-thru window. No effort is required on your part, and that makes AFF a highly attractive online site. Even if you live in a small town, the likelihood of finding a partner increases tenfold on AFF. You will legitimately find someone near you if you look hard enough.

Are there bots on Adult Friend Finder?

Chatting with dating bots is a great internet pastime. 

That’s a joke for all of you did not catch on. 

Yes, it seems like there are a ton of bots on the AdultFriendFinder free version. A couple of profiles hit me up with generic messages, like ‘hey baby, how are you?’. I don’t know for sure if these are bots, but if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it’s probably a damn duck!

However, you need to know the difference between bots and fake profiles because people mistakenly mix both. Unfortunately, tons and tons of fake profiles, also known as catfish accounts, are in abundance where the users portray themselves to be someone entirely different. The picture might be of a sexy, picturesque model but, in reality, the person behind the keyboard might be a dusty man living in a third-world country attempting to scam money through Western Union out of unsuspecting users. Yes, that happens, but it’s not AFF’s fault. Every website has people like that.

A man might waste precious time sending messages to a scammer unknowingly. Still, it is essential to dig around and learn to play the game like a slot machine in Vegas until you hit those lucky numbers.

Some sites I reviewed like FuckBook have a bot made by the staff to send auto-generated messages to get guys to think there are a bunch of girls in their local area wanting to desperately hook up now. Websites that do this attempt keep guys active and pay more money for more credits to send more messages. Adult Friend Finder does not need to do that because there are plenty of women on the site. They might look like Mama June (Honey Boo Boo’s mom), but they are women nonetheless. However, there are a couple of sexy women among the sea of more average looking ladies.

One thing AFF is terrible at is removing these ‘dead’ profiles that people have abandoned. So, you will need a lot of credits in your arsenal for an onslaught of messages to hit the right targets. That’s the beauty of getting the upgraded membership. You get almost unlimited access to these actions. 

One way Adult Friend Finder combats against fake profiles is by asking members to verify their photos. It would be hard for a scammer to bypass this system. You can identify verified photos by the notation on the top of the profile pic. So, there are plenty of real people there. You just need to search for them.

Review of AdultFriendFinder ‘Live Action’ Section

You won’t need to worry about bots bombarding your account with ‘hey babe, are you busy’ and ‘I’m bored right now, wanna play,” like they’re Chucky the killer doll, because the adultfriendfinder live models section has tons of REAL live webcam girls ready to play – for real. Even though those rooms are low in user population, which could be a pro because you won’t need to fight with other horny fellas for attention, the girls on there are ready to get down and dirty for a small number of tokens because it’s Adult Friend Finder. They yearn for the attention and the prestige of being on AFF!

This section for the live models is free and stretches extensively as much as the site itself with women, men, trans, and couples of every shape, size, and preference. Each live webcam model has a photo set, video set, and links to their outside social media pages so you can truly interact with them because these are real chicks! Moreover, the girls are from all over, from Alabaman hillbillies who ride tractors to rocker chicks from liberal Portland.

Two types of models exist on this forum: user models and professional cam models. User models are normally the attention seekers who signed up for AFF looking for companionship and ended up as full-blown cam ho’. With some verbal gymnastics, you can probably get them to do all types of naughty things on camera without paying a cent. On the other hand, there are professional cam models who are the real entertainers trained to deliver a shot of sexiness in a skillful way. They are worth paying the extra money it cost to enter their chat rooms. Many are mature Pumas on the prowl, just so you know.

Filters mean everything on the AdultFriendFinder index because it uses your preference to pick target profiles like cherries from a tree. From preference selections like ethnicity (race), bust size, eye color, and sexual orientations, the AFF system can easily locate your preferred companion free of charge. The owners and managers of the site must have taken a page out of the PornHubLive or LiveJasmin playbooks because the live webcam section is lit.

How Do the Local Hookups Work? How to Find a Mate on

When you decide to cross the road and create an account on AFF, the system will ask you a series of personality-identifying questions to match your profile with the right ones. From this screen, you can also choose any preferences you want about your partner. By default, the matches upon logging in will be local, so you don’t have to travel far away to get some buns. If you want to search matches in another area, you can scroll to the filtering section and select that zip code.

Breaking the ice and conversing with someone new can be an intimidating experience on the surface, but AFF gives introverts the freedom to break the ice with the power of using virtual gifts. If you have ever dwelled in a public internet chatroom long enough, you will eventually see people sending each other emojis, digital gifts, and even physical gifts. AFF chatrooms and instant messengers are similarly set up.

However, the ‘Purity Test’ helps differentiate the freaks from the nuns. Best to take it when you sign up, so users will know how far you are willing to go on a date.

Some Options to Communicate with an Adult Friend

Having a free account at your disposal opens up the number of singles in your area-no need to sign up for a gold membership at this point because all the features are available. You can browse profiles and learn the inner workings of the site before you take that leap and enter your credit card. However, doing direct contact will be impossible at this point. AFF makes a point to force users to pay – that’s their modus operandi.

New users will be able to find you if you set your account to Find Me. Once connected, which is only possible through a gold membership again, you can conduct a one-on-one voice chat or send instant messages. AFF gives you so many choices to do things in general if you pay

Sex Academy Helps You Graduate to the Next Level of Sex Education

Many of us grown folks think we know everything, but factually, the more we learn, the more we find out we don’t know. That point brings us to the AdultFriend Finder Sex Academy, which is as cool as it sounds. We must disclose to our readers: if you decide to have sexual intercourse with anyone, but especially with people you have met on AdultFriendFinder, use a freakin’ condom for protection. Now that we have gotten that warning out of the way, Sex Academy teaches you about sex, as you can imagine. This course is suitable for people who never had a trusted mentor to really teach them about sex education. It’s always a fun thing to learn more.

Is Adult Friend Finder Free? If Not, What are the Gold Membership Prices?

Let’s be clear, creating an account and browsing the site’s features is free, but communicating with anyone requires tokens. The payment options on AFF are not as extensive as they need to be, but enough to get the point across. Some affair websites like Ashley Madison accept PayPal, checks, cryptocurrency, and even gift cards from thousands of retailers. That’s a good sign. Adult Friends Finders, however, only accept major credit cards. 

  • JCB
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Visa

If you decide to go with the Gold membership because your plans are to stay on Adult Friend Finder playing the dating game, here are the prices in full:

If you decide to change your mind, it’s very easy to turn off the auto-renewal from your account to stop billing.

News About the 2015 Security Hack. Is Adult Friend Finder Safe to Use?

That 2015 data breach happened so long ago, and there haven’t been a major one like it on AFF or associated networks since. AFF has the most secure SSL encryption systems for data protection keeping hackers blocked. Is Adult Friend Finder safe to use? Yes, it’s safe to use now.

Final Verdict

AFF is worth checking out if you are into short-term flings and booty-call dates. There are some risks surfing the site, such as wasting time and credits on fake profiles, but the rewards outweigh them. Check out our feature highlights, and pros and cons below.


  • The largest adult friend finder network on the planet
  • Easy to find someone for casual NSA sex 
  • Free iOS and Android Mobile app is now available
  • Pretty good price for what the site offers
  • Easy to find a variety of people into unique fetishes like ANF or ABF (Adult Breastfeeding)
  • 24-hours instant support by phone and emails answered within 12 hours
  • Free to join and check out the basic features


  • Fake profiles and scammers are in abundance
  • Users make profiles, then might abandon them without those profiles getting deleted
  • Everywhere you turn, AdultFriendFinder is asking for money in a sense
  • Does not have enough payment methods for my tastes
  • Sometimes match you up with female and male users
  • Lots of ads and reminders to sign up for the site
  • Blocked profiles can still make themselves known later – how does that work AFF?
  • Many users feel like it’s not the same as it was ten years ago

Main Features & Highlights

  • Began in 1996 and has run a fine-tuned, well-oiled online engine since
  • A pretty fun ‘Hot or Not’ game to judge other users’ photos
  • Free and paid features


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Adult Friend Finder Review: I Paid For a Gold Membership To See How Well Their Site Works