Advent Offer 19

Miniature knitted jumper
© F H Powell 2021

This pattern offer expires midnight 21st December 2022, when the price will revert to pre-offer price.

The offer is only valid on orders received BEFORE midnight (UK local time) on 21st December 2022

To participate in the offer:
· Visit the page(s) for
1:12th scale Boys patterned slipover
1:12th scale Cheval set and dressing table runner
1:6th scale David Jumper
· Add the pattern(s) to your cart.
· The 50% discount from each pattern will be deducted automatically on checkout

· Please read the notes on each pattern regarding the purchase of digital goods.
· The offer does not have any cash value for redemption.
· This offer is exclusive to THESE patterns
· The offer expires at midnight 21st December 2022 (UK local time).

miniature crochet
© F H Powell 2014
miniature knitting
© F H Powell 2007

Advent Offer 19