Aeronautica Imperialis Gaming Mat, complete with terrain!

Discordian here! So like a lot of people right now I've found I had a lot of time on my hands, and I finally finished a weird side project I've been working on.

Aeronautica Imperialis Gaming Mat, complete with terrain!
Shown with Bio-Titan to scale

I ordered the gaming mat from Deepcut Stuidos (not a sponsored ad, I just really like them and I also got to say Giant Lithuanian Mouse-pad to my wife when she asked what I bought). They will make you pretty much anything you want, you can even upload your own images. I purposely made the hexs very light because I wasn't sure if I'd only use this for new Aeronautica.
The islands and the clouds was me trying to add 3D elements that didn't actually mess with game play. I ordered some pre-cut hexs off of Amazon (if you do this be careful how they're measured, took me awhile to find the right size).

For the Islands, at first I had just glued the hexs to themselves. Then I dropped one and it exploded. After that I cut out a plasticard outline for each and attached them to that.
For the clouds I thought about getting some plastic rods, but shelter-in-place for my area has been in effect for awhile. So I made do with what I had and used flight stands, that I drilled out and stacked to each other, and with the bases attached to the underside of the clouds.
There are two things left I want to do....

1. I want to make better bottom supports for the clouds, they were standing without anything but were definitely not stable enough to put a plane on top. So I took some plasticard and etched a narrow hex pattern to connect the stands at the bottom.

I'm fairly sure I want to go back and make a better versions that go under the mat and incorporates magnets.

2. I'm going to need more hexs...... Divine Designs Cute Tropical Nature Island Volcano ...

Aeronautica Imperialis Gaming Mat, complete with terrain!