All the Prints & Florals

I was never big into prints and patterns until I started wearing Farm Rio. Back then it was only known as Adoro Farm Rio. The “Adoro” is dropped for their US branding. The brazillian brand had reached out to me because they were coming stateside. This tied in with them getting stocked by ShopBop as far as I remember. Anyway past is past and I’m still wearing Farm Rio dresses as often as I can. They tend to make a statement and leave an impression on the memory. This one is one of my favorites.

I shot this awhile back and long since shared on Instagram but these images should live here too forever. We stopped in a cafe for a caffiene boost in Miami’s Design District and this place has the cutest courtyard. Unfortunately they’d prefer you didn’t use it as a set and came out to tell us as much. Yikes. Ha, I don’t think I’ve been back there since now that I think about it.

While this dress is long sold out because I’m the slowest poster in the world. I’ve linked some other dresses that would be perfect for Miami right now. Our weather is still pretty fabulous so summer dresses are still getting loads of use here. While I can’t wait for cooler temperatures, I’m never mad at the opportunity to wear a lovely summer dress. You don’t have to twist my arm to window shop more though. I’ve also included pieces for my non dress wearers and my fall/winter besties.

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All the Prints & Florals