AltRider Cylinder Head Guards for BMW R 1250 GS / ADV OEM Crash Bars

Most of us who ride ADV bikes have spent a small fortune in covering exposed, important areas of the motorcycle with after-market protection. Some bikes even come with OEM modifications, but in the case of the OEM crash bars on the BMW R 1250 GS/GSA, the valve covers are left exposed, hanging out past the bars. This can cause serious damage in the event of a lay-down. Even just dropping your 1250 from a parked position can allow the crash bars to flex and crack the valve cover.

BMW 1250 exposed valves

AltRider is fixing this with cylinder head guards for the BMW 1250. They’ve designed the geometry just right, with a hem that folds over the cylinder at the top for a solid fit, avoiding the need for cheap conduit clamps. On the bottom, AltRider-specific, stainless-steel clamps apply pressure around the entire bar, with solid fasteners.

Altrider solid fasteners

AltRider made the cylinder head guards with a dome so the profile is still tight, but with clearance for high impacts, avoiding the valves. The guards will also protect against scratches and dings sure to come from off-pavement riding.

Altrider cylinder head guards

It’s an attractive addition to the 1250 with ingrain finish and the AltRider embossed logo.

Altrider cylinder head guards








The AltRider Cylinder Head Guards for the R 1250 GS / GSA

  • Made for the BMW crash bars
  • Formed from lightweight, yet strong aluminum.
  • Domed feature maintains distance from valve covers
  • Easy to install snap-fit hem design
  • Extremely sturdy 2-sided stainless steel cast clamps

Click here for pricing and more info on AltRider’s Cylinder Head Guards for the BMW R 1250GS/GSA.

Do you own a BMW R 1200 GS?
Contact AltRider to let them know what cylinder head guards to make for you.


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AltRider Cylinder Head Guards for BMW R 1250 GS / ADV OEM Crash Bars