Amber Portwood to Jenelle Evans: You're Nothing! Everyone Forgot About You!

Reality television is a fickle mistress.

If you're lucky, it can set you up for a life of Kardashian-caliber fame and fortune (or at least enough lucrative sponsored content deals to save you from having to get a "real job.")

Or, it can have the opposite effect.

Yes, if you're an abusive bigot like Jenelle Evans, reality TV can expose you as the sort of person who should be more or less banished from polite society.

Jenelle Evans and Her Forehead

Asyou may recall, Jenelle was fired from Teen Mom 2 way back in 2019, and she still hasn't gotten over it -- or found another form of employment.

Her ongoing obsession with the show that made her famous was revealed when Jenelle was not invited to join the cast of Teen Mom Family Reunion.

She had an absolute meltdown over the news, and she went on the attack last week when she was briefly mentioned on the show.

Jenelle Evans Wears a Hat

“You know what’s crazy? They still wanna talk about me too," Evans ranted after Ashley Jones dropped her name in a scene.

Jenelle went on to argue that Amber Portwood should have been fired, not her.

This prompted Amber to absolutely destroy Jenelle in an Instagram rant for the ages.

Amber, Jenelle

“Hillbilly trash, f--king disgusting, weirdos…” Portwood said of Jenelle and her husband David Eason.

You would think that Jenelle would have learned her lesson after a roasting like that.

But amazingly, she lashed out at Amber again this week.

Jenelle Evans Likes Beer

When a fan suggested that the Family Reunion cast watches her TikToks, Evans basically pulled the Regina George "why are they so obsessed with me?" card.

"I know Amber does...she went ranting about me on IG live last week," Jenelle replied, according to The Ashley's Reality Roundup.

Not surprisingly, this prompted another epic smackdown from Portwood.

Jenelle comment

“Jenelle. You’re immature. You speak like you are a child. There’s no growth. You say things that are very hurtful and ignorant,” Amber said on another IG live rant.

“Why, in God’s creation, do you feel that anybody is obsessed with you?" Portwood asked.

"I’m doing this right now because I feel like you think you’re on a pedestal and you’re above everybody that’s in this franchise and you need to really be humbled. You need to humble yourself."

Amber Portwood Takes Responsibility on Teen Mom: Family Reunion

Amber went on to remind Jenelle that she was mentioned in one scene on Family Reunion.

She's not hated among the cast or the show's viewers -- she's something far worse ... forgotten.

“Nobody is obsessed with you in this franchise. Nobody’s mad…like, you’ve been forgiven and you can’t even stop [talking]. You don’t shut up! You can’t stop," Amber went on.

Amber Portwood Admits that She's a Bad Mom

“And the thing is that, honey, I get it. You’re not on the show anymore,” she said to Jenelle.

“Things happened, OK, fine. I totally get it. But you know you’re outta your damn mind if you think people are…girl you’re bringing up my name specifically saying stuff. Like, come on!"

Amber has quite a history of erratic, problematic behavior herself.

Amber Portwood Teen Mom Photo

But it's hard to argue with her observations about Jenelle.

"This is insanity. You need to stop. Be more mature. Grow up and stop talking about things that aren’t true. Stop with the hatred and also stop with…just immature comments," Portwood continued.

“And I say this, not as a threat, but do not take my kindness today as a weakness,” she said.

Amber Portwood is an OG

“You’re just talkin’ too much. It’s just too much for me. Honestly, who do you think you really are?”

As for the allegation that the cast is obsessively watching Jenelle's TikToks -- Amber was quick to shoot down that idea.

“I’m damn sure not watching your motherf--kin’ TikToks! You’re trippin’! That stuff was all sent to me and half of it is embarrassing, honey, so don’t play with me,” Amber said.

Amber Portwood Teen Mom Photo

“You already know how it was back in the day so, again, don’t play with me."

Amber concludes with one final piece of advice for Jenelle:

For the sake of everyone involved, including yourself ... just STFU.

Amber Portwood Talks to a Producer

“Just keep my name outta your mouth, you f--king weirdo. You’re absolutely insane! Seriously, that’s like, f--king crazy," Portwood said.

"I ain’t talked to you in years. I don’t know what the hell you’re talkin’ about! I haven’t talked to you in a long time, hun, so I don’t know what you’re saying anymore!” 

Of course, these days, the Easons are so broke and desperate for followers that David is making flat Earth videos.

David Eason Crying

So sadly, a conflict like this is exactly what they've been waiting for.

You can be sure that Jenelle is already preparing her response.

And while Amber should probably just ignore her going forward, this back-and-forth is probably just beginning.

Amber Portwood to Jenelle Evans: You're Nothing! Everyone Forgot About You!