Amicable Settlement, Not Diversionary Tactic Would Help Resolve Border Dispute: MoFA

Addis Ababa, February 4/2021(ENA) Amicable settlement of the Ethio-Sudan border dispute would be constructive instead of trying to use it as a diversionary tactic to the mounting internal demand of the Sudanese people, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) Director-General Abdurehman said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Boundary and Trans-Boundary Resource Affairs Director-General, Abdurehman Jemal said only settling the border issue in an amicable and sustainable way will be beneficial for the Sudanese people.

“At this moment in time, the Sudanese people need political and economic stability.  There is scarcity  of medicine, fuel and other goods. Inflation is also mounting. I believe this is the demand of the Sudanese people at the moment,” he noted.  

Inviting the Sudanese people into conflict will not help to address their demands in a sustainable manner, the director-general said.

Since Sudan is under a transitional government, “ the parties at the moment are focused on grabbing public attention and gaining constituency. And the border issue is one of the agendas attracting attention.”

The Sudanese army took Ethiopia’s engagement in the law enforcement operation in Tigray as an advantage to violate its territory.

As per the 1972 Exchange of Notes, however, the two countries have agreed to maintain the status quo until the final deposition of the matter.

According to the director-general, Sudan has exposed itself to the international community by blatantly violating the joint agreement which prioritized amicable solution to resolve the border issue.

Ethiopia has made clear to all the concerned international organizations in general and the African Union in particular about the reality of the border situation on the ground, Abdurehman stated.

Moreover, Ethiopia has reaffirmed its commitment to resolve the border situation in amicable way as it is crucial to the interest of the nation and neighboring Sudan.

But, this will happen when the Sudanese side goes back to the status quo ante, he underlined.

Based on the 1972 Exchange of Notes, the two countries under the Joint Special Committee also established the joint Select Working Group which undertook field survey between 2004 and 2005 and documented the de facto holdings of both nationals.

However, the joint commission which is expected to submit a report recommending an amicable solution to the boundary North of Mount Dagleish as per the 1972 Exchange of Note, a pre-requisite for the re-demarcation of the boundary, has not yet finalized the report.

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Amicable Settlement, Not Diversionary Tactic Would Help Resolve Border Dispute: MoFA