Annabelle’s 1st Solids: The Game Plan

annabelles 1st solidsAnnabelle hits 6 months (26 weeks) at the end of July (2016). That means we’ll start solids late July or maybe early August (if she happens to be sick or we’re out of town or something on the actual 6 month mark). 

I’ve written about the first meals before (here, for example). And I’ve given a lot of advice over the past 1.5 years. Nearly all the meals I share on Instagram are technically safe for 6 months and up. But when it comes to your own kiddo, it’s … different. Will I take my own advice? Will we go big on day one or stick to a classic, like avocado?

With Alexander, we were clueless and a bit paranoid. So he had avocado and banana every day for at least a week. I think by about month 1, we had ventured out and offered a couple of interesting meals. But overall it was boring. I mean, I didn’t know how to cook AT ALL back then, so when he was at home with me, he was stuck with the handful of things I could cook.

When Annabelle hits 6 months old, Alexander will be 3 years old (which means 2.5 years of solids under my belt!). I’ve gotten some confidence, and I know how to cook!

It’s still about 10 weeks away. But I want to share my current thoughts and plans for Annabelle’s first week of meals. (Note… I probably wouldn’t think about this if I didn’t have this blog! There’s no need for you to really plan this far out!)


I plan to just offer 1 meal a day until she’s actually eating something. If that just happens to be right away, then I’ll have to add to this plan!

DAY 1: sweet potato fries and chicken drumstick
DAY 2: banana and asparagus
DAY 3: egg and potato fries
DAY 4: hamburger patty and avocado
DAY 5: blueberries and Brussels sprouts
DAY 6: strawberry and chicken thigh (probably cracklin chicken)
DAY 7: baked pears and green beans

What are your plans for your first week?


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Annabelle’s 1st Solids: The Game Plan