Annabelle’s Foods: Week One

Annabelle's FirstWeek of Solids

Week 1! What a fun experience. Annabelle really took to solids, so fast. I was really impressed with her. And Alexander just thought everything about it was hilarious. Here is week 1, by the numbers:

Number of minutes spent cleaning up after her: about 35*
Number of foods tried: 7**
Number of times she gagged: 3
Number of times she choked: 0***
Number of allergic reactions: 0 !
Number of times I freaked out: 0 !

*I shared this on Instagram, but it takes 5 minutes or less to clean up after each meal. And she ate about once per day. I wish I liked dogs… I hear they are pretty handy when it comes to cleaning up after meals.

**She tried banana, sweet potato, chicken, avocado, blackberries, egg, and potato. She also had a breastmilk ice pop, but that’s not a new food!

***Remember, gagging and choking are not the same! Gagging happens with most kids, especially at first. Choking might never happen. I get asked A LOT, “How can I avoid choking?” Well, you can’t, not 100%. You can avoid the known choking hazards, like whole grapes (until at least age 3), whole nuts, hot dogs, popcorn, and a few others. [NOTE: Grapes, hot dogs, sausages, cherry tomatoes should be cut in half lengthwise, at least.] You can leave a little cup of water available to help wash down bigger bites. But once you’ve done those things, be sure baby is sitting upright — not reclined or slouched over. There should be a straight shot from mouth to tummy, if that makes sense. You can take an infant CPR course which should include the Heimlich for babies (in fact, I recommend you at least find a good video for it online… doing it in person is ideal since you can hold a physical dummy and practice the movements). And THEN, it’s always possible to choke on anything. Choking hazards are a special sort of food: a certain shape, hard to retrieve. But ANYthing can be choked on. So just know your “rescue” steps and forge ahead. Try not to worry too much!! Easier said than done, but hey, it gets easier as time goes on. 

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Annabelle’s Foods: Week One