Apostolic Boldness from Abbot Tryphon: God Arranges Everything for Our Salvation

Abbot Tryphon is currently one of the most followed Orthodox monks in North America. His honesty and pastoral boldness are the among the reasons why. His dedication to the Orthodox Faith is an inspiration to all of us. His blog is abbottryphon.com. If it is not part of your daily Orthodox reading, then it should be.

We are reprinting Abbot Tryphon’s post from 12/27/2021 below. Find the original here. His comments on the COVID jabs are timely. The jabs are controversial in Orthodoxy. A few bishops have endorsed the vaccines, even going so far as to declare that there is no possible religious exemption for Orthodox Christians.  Some bishops are so enthusiastic on the subject, they seem almost to be a marketing arm for Pfizer. The majority of bishops seem silent on the subject, usually deferring to personal conscience and personal medical decisions. This silence, however, seems to mask deep divisions among the clergy. A few bishops, and other clergy, as we have covered before, have been very forthright in questioning the morality of the jabs and their effectiveness. Few have been as outspoken as Abbot Tryphon.

As we have published before, despite the meteoric rise in cases, we firmly believe the pandemic narrative is on its last legs. As you read the words of Abbot Tryphon, take hope. We must endure but a little while longer.

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God Arranges Everything for Our Salvation

by Abbot Tryphon

I have chosen not to take the vaccine. I do not think any vaccine will prevent anyone from getting Covid, and I have read with increased horror as the evidence has become increasingly clear within the scientific community that this vaccine is in reality causing the spread of this virus within the human community, while preventing natural immunity.

The evidence is clear that those doctors and scientists who see the vaccines as unproven, and even dangerous long term, are being silenced by their colleagues within the scientific community. For those who understand science, we know that science is not like history, for it is ever changing as more is discovered. Yet we have certain individuals within the scientific community suppressing dissidence, crushing anyone who would disagree with their take on the pandemic.

We Orthodox know that God sometimes visits upon us wars and plagues as a way of calling us out of our darkness and sin. We know that God arranges such things as a way of waking us up to that which is of eternal value.

It seems clear to me that this world-wide pandemic comes from the Evil One. Nothing in my lifetime has caused such fear among the masses of people, world wide. This season that normally leads to gatherings of family and friends around the table in celebration of the Nativity of Our Salvation, has instead seen the closure of churches, and families banning their unvaccinated members from joining them in celebration. It has seen clergy closing their churches out of fear, not remembering that it is the gathering within our churches that has alway brought about the healing that is so needed during times of trial.

Saint Luke the Surgeon, Archbishop of Simferopol, a bishop that the Soviets chose not to execute because he was considered one of the finest surgeons in Russia, and was therefore needed by the Soviet State, recommended Holy Water as the cure for what ails us.

“Drink Holy Water, the more often, the better. It is the best and most effective medicine. I’m not saying this as a priest, I’m saying it as a doctor, from my medical experience.”

At seventy-six years of age, I am no spring chicken, as they say. Yet I have chosen to trust God to keep me safe during this pandemic. I therefore add holy water to every glass of water I drink during the day, and I anoint myself with the miraculous myrrh of the holy icon of the Theotokos of Hawaii, every day.

Additionally, I consume the Holy Body and Blood of my Saviour during the celebration of the Divine Liturgy, with the full knowledge that in doing so I am receiving healing of body and soul. If I should die from a virus that was intentionally introduced by the godless leaders of China, with the intention of conquering the West, and creating a one world government, so be it.

In my weakness, I pray on a daily basis that the Lord will never let me deny Him, even unto my last breath. I put my trust in God, and not in the “scientific and medical” authorities who are hell bent on controlling everyone, including church leaders. I trust only in the mercy of my Lord.

We monks are grateful that we have an opportunity to serve the Divine Liturgy and partake of the Body and Blood of Christ, yet we also realize that many others are not so fortunate. Many churches have closed their doors to the faithful, fearful that the Corona virus will infect their people if they should gather before the Throne of God, in worship. In truth, we should only fear God.

I would conclude by pointing out that the mandatory and dictatorial push for the vaccine by governments and companies around the world is clear evidence that this vaccine is of the devil. Let us stand strong in our resistance to the godless authorities, and let us renew our commitment to Jesus Christ, and to the eternal truth that resides within the Life of the Church.

With love in Christ,
Abbot Tryphon

Photos: Our first snow of the winter, with 7″ accumulation.

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Apostolic Boldness from Abbot Tryphon: God Arranges Everything for Our Salvation