Aracena – Breathtaking Caves & Local Food in Huelva Province

Last week I spent a long weekend in a charming town in the Sierra of Aracena. There are many inland locations in Andalucía that I am still discovering despite living in the region since 2006.

Where is Aracena?

Aracena is a town located in South West Spain. In the province of Huelva in Andalusia, Aracena is the main town in the Sierra of Aracena. With around 8,000 inhabitants its not a large place, yet there is plenty to visit and enjoy in this quaint town.

Situated at:

  • 89kms from Sevilla
  • 206 kms from Faro (Portugal)
  • 208 kms from Cadiz
  • 230 kms from Cordoba
  • 294 km from Malaga

View over Aracena Huelva

Sierra de Aracena

Apart from the small villages in the region, the surrounding landscapes are Dehesa. A mixture of forest and farmland managed in a sustainable way. Used for pasture, goats, horses and pigs graze, also cork production, mushroom picking and other farming are typical activities in this area.

Iberian Pigs on Dehesa Huelva

Hotel Convento Aracena

I stayed at the Hotel Convento Aracena, a boutique hotel set inside a 17th century convent. Known as the Jesus & Mary convent it was a working convet up to the 1970´s. The hotel conserves the character and history.

This four star hotel has been delicately remodelled to respect the character of the building yet making it very user friendly to guests.Courtyard Hotel Convento Aracena Huelva Spain

Although its an historic setting it is very practical stay. The garden areas of the hotel are immaculately maintained. Guests have access to a private car park within the grounds. (covered and gated)

Car Park Hotel Convento Aracena Spain

There is also a well equipped spa area and outdoor Saltwater swimming pool with bar. Remember to book the spa as a complement to your stay. It´s so worth it.

Hotel Convento Spa Aracena

Staying in Aracena

While I was in Aracena I dined inside the hotel restaurant Huerto Nun. We stayed for breakfast on two mornings and also had dinner in the restaurant on the first evening.

Breakfast at the hotel has a good selection, with plenty of fresh fruit, pastries and different warm dishes. Iberian ham from Jabugo was freshly sliced at the beginning of the breakfast service.

Room at Hotel Convento Aracena

The room I stayed in is pictured above, the hotel has three different room categories. This one is Special Double Room there was enough room for suitcases and our belongings.

The bathroom was spacious and practical too. User friendly and simply but elegantly designed. Plenty of room for my massive washbag that I take with me on all my travels.Gruta de las Maravillas Cave Entrance

Gruta de las Maravillas

For many visitors the Cave known as La Gruta de las Maravillas is the main attraction. I had already heard about this when I wrote up 10 Caves to explore in Andalusia however I hadn´t had the chance to visit.

Breathtaking! The cave is right in the centre of the town, its seems unreal as you enter the main door to the cave. It´s underneath the castle part of that same hill. Set amongst the same area of houses is this huge cave. (As you can see in the photo above of the cave entrance)

Aracena Cave Gruta de las Maravillas

Aracena Cave

To go into the cave the steps down are gentle and easy to descend. Once inside the cave the length of the galleries is over 2 kms Although the visit is 1,400 metres. Down there temperatures are constant between 16 and 19ºC, all year round.

The colours and formations inside are exceptional. With stalagmites, stalactites, lakes and pools and many other types of karstic formations. These caves are probably the best ones to see in Spain. 

The main spaces throughout the cave are the Diamond Room, the Shell Room, and the Great Lake room. There are other spaces such as the Emerald Room, God´s Glassware and the Nudist Room.

Cave Gruta de las Maravillas Aracena Spain

Although I have more photos of the space I prefer to let you discover this yourself when you visit. The images don´t do the space justice. The coolness of the caves interior on a summer day. The constant sound of water falling from the new formations down onto azure pools below. Or the sheer size of the galleries doesn´t comes across through a few photos.

Aracena Cave in Huelva Spain

When you visit the cave I would recommend that you wear good footwear, some parts of the cave floor are wet and can be slippery. There are some uneven surfaces. You don´t really need to wrap up warm but on a hot day the contrast in temperature may have you reaching for a travel scarf.

Tall people will need to take extra care as there are two parts of the visit where you need to bend down to pass through. The guide will warn you on which parts of the visit these lower places are.

Also please note that no photos or videos are allowed to be taken throughout the visit. As the visit is around 90 minutes the guide needs to make sure all the group stay together and keep slips and trips to a minimum. This would be more difficult if the visitors were looking through the lens rather than where they are treading.

Aracena Castle Huelva Spain

Aracena Castle

As well as the Cueva de las Maravillas, Aracena´s old town is also picturesque. Perched above the town is the castle and old church.  Walking up from the main square is uphill but the slopes are not too steep.

The Fortress built in the 13th Century, previously a Muslim fortification occupied this site in the 10th century. Once inside its walls you have 360º views over the town and surrounding countryside. Some walls are being restored and maintained but this didn´t affect out visit to the castle.

Castillo de Aracena Huelva

Inside you can see the huge water tank ´aljibe´ and some of the ruins of dwellings inside the castle walls. Head up to the tower and you can see a birds eye view for miles across the Sierra de Aracena.

Close to the castle is the Church Nuestra Sra. del Mayor Dolor built in Gothic – Mudéjar style. Again dating back to 13th century building began in 1231. To one side of the church the Mudéjar tower is notable. With brickwork details that remind us of Seville´s Cathedral.

13th Century Church Aracena

Walking to the Church & Castle

  • Walking up from the Tourist information centre ´Centro de Visitantes El Cabildo Viejo´ on Plaza Alta
  • Take the Calle Zilla (less steep) and it leads you up a gentle slope to the main archway leading into the Church and Castle area.

Aracena Archway Huelva Spain

Where to Eat in Aracena

Food in Huelva province is excellent, especially as this is an agricultural and coastal province. In Sierra de Aracena, typical dishes are those with wild mushrooms, pork, wild boar, game, goats cheese, chestnuts and acorns. Other local vegetables and fruit such as quince are also found in this region.

Restaurante Montecruz

Restaurante Montecruz

Located on the main road, opposite the Cave entrance, right in the town centre. Restaurante Montecruz has won many distinctions and awards for its cuisine. Winning a competition for best gazpacho, Best tapas amongst others. (See the awards and press cuttings on the wall inside the restaurant)

I had dinner here, choosing three different tapas dishes. The iberian ham and Caña de Lomo (pork cold cuts) is made by the family who own the restaurant. You can tell its a homemade product as the taste and texture are excellent.

Rste Montecruz Aracena

One of the tapas I tried was Red peppers stuffed with wild boar. (1st prize tapas competition Huelva province) Then a presa ibérica dish (shown above) both were exquisite.

I also made room for a dessert. Again homemade dishes are prepared here and were so worth it. A cream of chesnuts made to an old Huelva recipe.

Rste Montecruz Aracena

Restaurante Montecruz, Aracena

  • Calle San Pedro 36, Aracena
  • Open from 12h to midnight Tues to Sunday
  • Closed on Mondays

Confiteria Rufino Aracena Huelva

Confiteria Rufino

Popped in to pick two cakes to take away.
The decision was quite difficult everything looked so delicious.

The vintage interiors are so delicate and elegant. It feels like you went back in time.Cakes Confiteria Rufino Aracena
This traditional bakery in Aracena has all the local cakes and pastries on offer. They also have ice cream too.

It is a shop rather than a café so best to buy your cake and eat it in the square nearby.
One of the most typical things in Aracena are Piñonates. Sold in small bags they are like churros but smaller in size and are eaten cold. Usually eaten at Eastertime they are now so popular and are available all year round.

Don´t miss this when you are in the area Confiteria Rufino won´t dissapoint

  • Calle Constitución 3, Aracena
  • Open everyday until 8.30pm

Huerto Nun Aracena Restaurante Huerto Nun

Located inside the Hotel Convento Aracena. Huerto Nun is a restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. Open to non residents, this offer high end dining with lots of local favourites.

I chose a humus selection for starters and flamenquín for the main course. (typical in Cordoba and other parts of Andalucía)

The tranquil surroundings of the convent in which the restaurant is located. The views of the castle and the belltower make it a great place for a romantic dinner. Service could have been a little quicker. The attention to detail and delicate presentation of the food made it worthwhile.

I also tried a white wine from Condado de Huelva which was floral and delicious. Made with Zalema grape variety. The bottle of UZ wine from Bodegas Iglesias was the perfect tipple for a summer evening.

Museo del Jamón

The Ham Museum in Aracena has guided tours in English and Spanish. Sharing lots of information about the way ham is produced in the area. There is also an exhbition at the end of the visit with hams from other countries around the world. (France, Italy etc)

Ham Museum Aracena.

What to See in Sierra de Aracena

Although Aracena itself has plenty to see. The surrounding area, Sierra de Aracena has also some interesting day trips too. Here are some of the visits I did while I was in the area.

Almonaster la Real Huelva

Almonaster la Real

A 40 minute drive through countryside from Aracena. Almonaster la Real is one of the prettiest villages in Spain (Los Pueblos Mas Bonitos de España). With its impressive 10th century mosque above the town. Its quaint whitewashed streets is a delightful place to spend an afternoon.

Riotinto Mine Huelva

Minas de Riotinto

Half an hour away from Aracena are the Riotinto mines. Here you can visit part of the area on a train and see the dramatic colours in the rock. The sheer size of the site is breath taking.

In this area is the English quarter where the British miners had their homes. You can see these homes built in English style close to the mines.

There are different ways to visit the Parque Minero depending on how long you have. The train ride is particularly recommendable.

Alajar Sierra de Aracena

Alajar, Aroche and Beyond

Sierra de Aracena has some great views, woodland and quaint little villages. It´s a perfect location for hikers and mountain bikers. We saw eagles and halcons around as we drove around the area.

You can contact ebikes Aracena to enjoy one of their routes. They design them to suit all abilities and ages.


Daytrip from Seville

Aracena Daytrip from Sevilla including Ham Museum + Caves   

You can also book a trip from Seville including Mine visit and Ham tour.

Aracena Huelva

Disclaimer: Please note that I was hosted by Hotel Convento Aracena on a complimentary stay. However, all the opinions in this article are my own and I would not recommend anything that I wouldn’t have enjoyed myself doing or think it was a great place to visit.
This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click through and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. All thoughts, feelings and opinions shared on this blog and in this post are my own.


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