Are Exclusives worth it?


A request came through our site for an article on top exclusives. I am not high on store exclusives, though we do have sponsors who sell them and advertise them, but they do not ask us to promote their exclusives in our articles. This will not be our sponsors top 10 list.

If a store creates a variant but sells it for $75 now it Is selling for a $100 that is not a good increase on investment, but if it was a $25 exclusive selling for $100 that is. I am going to try and avoid recent store exclusives because a store exclusive for a recent book has not had time to settle at a true market price (Though there might be exceptions, Disney Dell’Otto)

Disclaimer these are solely based on my research and opinion. I do not own multiples of any of these books and no store has expressed any interest in me writing this article. I am choosing to credit the artist and not the store, because if these books are truly in demand then the stores who claimed a limit print run, would not have any left. So the variants are being bought because of the artist and not the store it came from.

The Breakdown

As I began looking at exclusives I began to notice a trend. Most of the pricey exclusives have come out in the past six months. My guess is FOMO is in full effect and everyone wants to have the hot book by the hot artist. But I know there are variants/exclusives out there that are Limited that if they come up for sale they are snatched up or are listed at Silver Age key prices. Since I don’t know those super rare variants very well I decided to only concern myself with recent eBay sales for my list. I tried to avoid any listing that had multiple sales at the same price. I am going to have an artist section because it seems like a few artists drive the exclusive game. I will also have a con section because I think the ask was for store exclusives, but the truth is a con exclusives seems to hold value better than these store variants. Store variants are tricky seems like every store claims they are exclusive then I visit the next store and they have the same book.

Con Exclusives

  • Spawn 303 Kael Ngu Singapore Variant Ltd. 250
  • Usagi Yojimbo 10 Peach Momoko SDCC
  • Spawn 299 McFarlane SDCC 500
  • Negative Space 1 JTC C2E2/ECCC/NYCC/SDCC
  • Amazing Spiderman new ways to die 2009 ltd 200
  • Spider-Gwen 1 Henderson Paris Comic-Con
  • The Boys Dear Becky Mega Con Gold

Random Exclusive with some Value

  • Detective Comics 1000 Ross
  • Silver Surfer Black Virgin Scott Williams
  • Disney Comics and Stories 13 Dell’otto
  • Something is Killing the Children 1 Schmalke
  • Gideon Falls 1 Lemire ComicsPro
  • Farmhand 1
  • Spider-men II Turner cover C
  • Goon Special Kickstarter Edition
  • Amazing Fantasy 15 Celor
  • Red Sonja Birth of She-Devil 1 Kunkka
  • Powers of X 1 Parel
  • The Boys Dear Becky Starlight
  • Venom 5 Skan
  • Faithless 1 Andolfo 500

Popular Artist

The current popular artist can drive the store exclusive market, but today’s hot artist is tomorrow’s back issue fodder. I can’t fault a store to jump on a hot artist for an exclusive, and if the artist is reasonably priced then multiple stores will seek them out. From a speculator point of view if an artist has multiple covers coming out in a given month then the novelty and uniqueness of the artist is lost. Two years ago Mattina and Dell’otto were every where, but too many covers at one time, and the artist becomes B cover only material (not a bad thing) or they just disappear for a minute. (though Dell’Otto has a series of Spider-man covers coming soon 45-49?) A few artists who seem popular now, but also have a ton of exclusives are Momoko, Crain, Mayhew, Kirkham, JeeHyung Lee, and Nakayama. They each have their own style, but they seem to have an exclusive a month come out. In the case of Crain and Kirkham they have been identified as the defacto Venom/Spiderman guys (if you want a Spidey related cover for an event book give them a call), Nakayama has the Cereal box variants, Mayhew and Horn are known for the photo-realistic sexy covers. and finally, Momoko who has shown to not be selective with which book she does. It seems like any indie book can have a Momoko cover. Her style is easily recognizable.

  • Strange Academy 1 Momoko
  • TMNT 100 momoko
  • Disaster Inc. 1 momoko
  • No Heroine 1 virgin metal momoko
  • Star Wars: Clone Wars Battle Tales 1 momoko
  • Star Wars Adventures 32 Momoko
  • Stake 1 Momoko virgin foil
  • Spiderman 1 Crain
  • Ghost Spider 1 Crain
  • Amazing Spiderman 797 Mayhew
  • Wolverine 1 Mayhew
  • Venom 25 Horn
  • Venom 1 Kirkham
  • Venom 4 Kirkham
  • Ghost Spider 1 Lee
  • X-force 1 Lee

What makes a Valuable Exclusive?

That is the question. From what I can tell, a hot cover can be flipped for a quick profit within weeks of getting it, but true value comes with the perfect combination of low, low print run, just before popularity strikes an artist, and/or the issue has something significant happen in it. Two of those things need to be in place for a book to have true value six months down the line. It’s hard figuring out how much a book is worth because raws can sell for $15 to $40 from the store before you add in CGC, Signatures, and remarques. So when I see a book selling for $125 with CGC SS. Was that an increase in price or was that what the store was charging?

So as everyone says, buy what you like, maybe buy two just to flip one to get your money back. The big money is in the long game and in the ratio exclusives, but quick flipping can get you a small profit, the goal would be to guess right more than 50% of the time. I know I have some variants that I regret buying a week later, because the value has already dropped, I should have got them for the Art.

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Are Exclusives worth it?