Arkivet's Crystalline horns

Day 91 of the Eternal Headache dawned with a profound disinclination to do all the things. But I have horns to show off, and I want to do that, so...I crawled into a cardigan set and went looking for a good setting. Today, that setting was Glencoe, more random than usual, than any particular grand desire to be there? Though their intro upon arrival said this:
Hello Emilly Shatner-Orr!
Welcome To Anghysbel!
The legends say that when the Wilderlords first came north they sent explorers out even as far north, beyond the Alkali wastes to beyond the perpetually frozen mountains in the far north. Eventually a monk returned with stories about the hidden Vale way to the North that is warmed by the earth and contains a pristine lake, many unique plants and animals and even tribes of Alon.
That's a lot of north. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?


Arkivet's Crystalline horns, red shading to pink.

I wandered for a bit, sat down in a circle of stones, and apparently folded my torso, so this is where the picture-taking will occur! These are Arkivet's "Crystalline" horns, unadjusted--I normally do muck about with positioning for most horns, but I was doing pretty good sitting upright, so I didn't want to push things.

Arkivet's Crystalline horns, in sunset reds.

The first shot was a red shading to a soft rose-pink tone, very pretty, and this one reminds me of vivid sunset tones.

Arkivet's Crystalline horns, in super-saturated pink.

And I have learned--if anyone wants to do a full-saturation pink look, Arkivet and Vae Victis both generally have that in their palettes, because one of their customer service reps adores that particular shade.

Arkivet's Crystalline horns palette HUD.

This is that HUD palette, by the way--a full twenty different options, including one Torley-watermelon which amused my brain.

Arkivet's Crystalline horns, in the watermelon shade.

Yes, of course I had to show that one off.

No, I don't know why I shot the picture like this.

Arkivet's Crystalline horns, in icy blues.

There's a lot of variation here, and that's without the given mod options. I love this wintery option, too--as if they've grown out of ice shards instead of crystal protrusions.

Just go to Arkivet's main store if you want a set of your own; they're going for L$300 right now!

Arkivet's Crystalline horns