Arsene Wenger has a point.

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A Tweet on Twitter is very different than physically making an offer for a football club and just because Daniel Ek is wealthy and supports Arsenal, it doesn’t mean his intentions are clear. Of course he’d probably love to own Arsenal Football Club, I’m sure you and I would too. Same goes for all the ex players throwing their names behind a takeover but as Arsene has said ‘the best deals are done when nobody knows about them’. Although he’s willing to help our ex players any way he can.

If I can help @Arsenal, I will do it as well”



Wenger willing to offer his expertise to Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira in their takeover bid!#beINUCL #AFC

— beIN SPORTS (@beINSPORTS_EN) April 27, 2021

If Daniel Ek is serious then make Stan Kroenke an offer he’d find hard to turn down. Then let’s hear about it. In my opinion, what Daniel Ek has done very well is to add his weight, his financial weight against the Kroenke project. A rich owner together with 3/4 ex invincible players sounds great on paper but in reality, it’d likely be a disaster if they all wanted their voice to be heard.

The good thing about the Kroenke family, possibly the only one is that they leave the board alone, letting them make all the decisions which relate to the day to day running of the club. Arsenal needs to be run in England and not from the USA by a family who probably know very little about English football and how to win the Premier League. All Stan Kroenke needs to be doing is supporting the club financially and not making stupid, potentially catastrophic decisions like entering the club into a Super League. Not now and not ever because until that decision was made public, his name was barely mentioned, certainly not by Mikel Arteta supporters.

Edu and Arteta, no doubt together with others on the Arsenal board have been making big decisions by moving on a number of players. Not only that but the summer was a pretty good one considering the financial difficulties Covid has caused. Willian has proved to be a bit of a disaster but if he’s sold in the summer, then at least the Arsenal board will have realised their mistake. Not every signing proves to be a success, if they were, Salah would still be scoring goals for Chelsea and not Liverpool. Just one example I know but I’m sure there are many more.

I think it was Kev who said the other day that if Arsenal have another good  transfer window in the summer and by that I mean sales as well as signings, Stan Kroenke’s name will soon fade into the background. Until the next time.

Whatever is going on with Stan Kroenke, it doesn’t hide the fact that Arsenal should be doing better on the pitch with the squad Mikel Arteta has which is why he’s being criticised regularly. This might sound arrogant but a manager shouldn’t be coming to a club like Arsenal to learn and unless he’s now learns fast, The Emirates won’t be a nice place for him to be stood once the fans are back.

I hope it doesn’t come to that because I want Arsenal to succeed and I want Mikel Arteta to succeed. Not because he’s Mikel Arteta, or because he once played for Arsenal, but because he’s the Arsenal manager.

Winning the Europa Cup would turn this drab season into a very good one. Getting to the final alone though will be tough and it’s certainly not a forgone conclusion or ‘a must’ – at least I don’t think so but I do expect though is to see an Arsenal team well drilled and fully prepared for the challenge. Any player who isn’t prepared to put 95 minutes of football for Arsenal ahead of anything and everything else in their life tomorrow night, shouldn’t even be on the flight to Spain let alone on the pitch.

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Arsene Wenger has a point.