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Hello beautiful artist!

You might remember I recently finished my art journal and if you missed it, I'm sharing the making of the last page with a video on my blog HERE. Right afterwards I also filmed a flip-through of the whole journal! It’s such a joy to hold in my hands this big, chunky, dreamy, artsy, completely personal storybook, and I'm excited to take you along! So get yourself a nice cup of tea (or iced tea if it's as hot where you are as it's been in France lately), switch off your phone, relax and join me in the studio…


the pages

Here are most of the pages again if you wish to take a slower, closer look. There are just a few that I haven’t shared before and didn’t take pictures off, so I’ll add them a little later as time allows. Just click on any image to open it at full size:

View fullsize The cover
The cover View fullsize P1: Focus (word of the year 2020)
P1: Focus (word of the year 2020) View fullsize P2: The Attic
P2: The Attic View fullsize 2021-01-22-15.25.35.jpg
View fullsize P6: You Are Loved
P6: You Are Loved View fullsize P7: Transform Your Life
P7: Transform Your Life View fullsize P9: Fruitful (word of the year 2021)
P9: Fruitful (word of the year 2021) View fullsize P10: Refuge
P10: Refuge View fullsize P11: Poetic Secrets
P11: Poetic Secrets View fullsize P12: Garden of Wishes
P12: Garden of Wishes View fullsize P13: Secret Garden
P13: Secret Garden View fullsize P14: White Wonderland
P14: White Wonderland View fullsize P15: Courage (Hiding Places)
P15: Courage (Hiding Places) View fullsize P16: Simple Things
P16: Simple Things View fullsize P17: Comfortable (word of the year 2022)
P17: Comfortable (word of the year 2022) View fullsize P18: All I Have To Bring
P18: All I Have To Bring View fullsize P19: Love Yourself
P19: Love Yourself View fullsize P20: Trust Your Wings
P20: Trust Your Wings View fullsize P21: Who Is She?
P21: Who Is She? View fullsize P22: Rememberer
P22: Rememberer View fullsize P23: Fragile
P23: Fragile

finishing touches

Once my journal is finished, I rub a layer of beeswax or cold wax medium over the pages to prevent them from sticking together. You can watch a quick how-to video as well as a flip-through of my previous journal and plenty more resources and inspiration on my website here:

free art journaling resources!

I hope that flipping through my journal has inspired you, and that it motivates you to keep filling yours! There are so many ways to do art journaling. Some people like to have several journals going at once, others, like me, work in just one. Some will fill a journal in just a few months, while it takes me a good two years. What matters is to just do it your way and enjoy every bit of the journey!

To find out all about my art journaling practice, how to start your own and create beautiful pages filled with dreams, magic and emotion, then join me in my online course The Artist & the Journal!

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The Artist & the Journal is my foundational art journaling class, where I share absolutely everything I know about this lovely practice, plus how your pages can inspire your other art and become the starting point for a larger painting.

Then I have several other classes to help you keep inspiration going and fill plenty more beautiful pages!

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Art Journal Flip-through