Astro Daily: February 14, 2020

Moon in Scorpio takes us into the weekend, one that puts an emphasis on deep emotions as well as themes of vulnerability, power, transformation. If romance or relationship is on the agenda today, how can you get to the heart of what you both need as a couple?

A Scorpio Moon makes for an interesting pairing with Valentine’s Day. We usually think of Venus and sweetness this time of year, but Scorpio, ruled by Mars, is that emotion intensity we feel when we make ourselves vulnerable to someone. Scorpio requires total trust and commitment. 

Of course, this is a day to think about all our relationships and what drives us to connect, socialize, open up to one another. Relationships are going to be a bigger theme this year as Saturn prepares to enter Aquarius on March 21. While Aquarius doesn’t have a reputation as a relationship sign, it is, however, about our relationship with friends, community, and the collective of humanity.

This weekend we have a couple of notable events, events I talked about in my weekly astrology video. Mercury turns retrograde on Sunday, February 16, at 12 degrees Pisces and Mars enters Capricorn, also on Sunday.

Things may be a little screwy in the mean time as Mercury does what it usually does when it prepares to turn retrograde — communication is off, plans fall through or aren’t quite what we expected, events may feel a little strange or out of the ordinary. Just do your due diligence. 

Mars going into Capricorn is a big deal because it will join heavy hitting planets such as Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. This a particular part of your life that you’ve been working hard on since 2018, especially during this past December and January. Over the coming weeks, Mars will heat things up, energizing us to take command, responsibility, and action in the part of our life that Capricorn governs. Not sure where? Read my Saturn in Capricorn: Sign by Sign guide.)

As a result, the second half of February will likely be busy. It’s a good time to work on achieving goals and going after our ambitions. After all, Mars is quite happy to be in Capricorn and does its best work when it’s focusing its energy towards an achievement.

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Astro Daily: February 14, 2020