At last! LIV Golf land ‘crucial’ deal they’ve been waiting for

It’s been one of the biggest wanes on LIV Golf ever since the breakaway league burst onto the scene and started throwing vast amounts of money at the world’s best players. But now, at long last, it looks like the Saudi-backed series has finally landed the “crucial” deal they’ve been waiting for.

Settling a problem which hung over LIV throughout their inaugural campaign, it has been reported that the upstart league has now secured a television partner for their revamped 2023 season.

But for all the talk of Fox Sports, NBC, and even Apple TV, LIV Golf have reportedly struck a deal with CW, a smaller broadcast network owned by local television giant Nexstar.

While exact details of the agreement are yet to be officially announced, The Palm Beach Post reported that one of the league’s key personnel let the news slip while performing at a stand-up special last week – that figure being none other than LIV commentator David Feherty.

“Have you heard of CW?” the broadcast legend reportedly said. “I might get fired for this, but…”

The hint comes after Sports Illustrated also revealed that a deal with CW is imminent ahead of 2023. Founded in 2006, CW has more than 200 affiliates in the US but has yet to really venture into sports broadcasting, primarily airing television shows such as The Flash and Vampire Diaries.

While LIV Golf was broadcast for free on YouTube and DAZN throughout 2022, many commenters have continued to note that the long-term longevity of the league has hinged on landing such a deal, including Greg Norman himself, who recently insisted it’s “crucial” for LIV’s business plan moving forward.

“It’s crucial,” the controversial CEO told “We have a great platform that really should be shown to the world. When we go internationally, we are applauded and accepted and everybody wants to see us. So here in the US, it was obviously a very critical point to our business plan to make sure we do get on TV and we will get on TV.”

LIV Golf TV deal

Back in September, the league was reportedly shunned by TV giant Apple for being “too toxic”. Shortly after, talks with frontrunner Fox Sports then also broke down over issues relating to rights fees.

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At last! LIV Golf land ‘crucial’ deal they’ve been waiting for