Atlantic Technology Launches Gatecrasher3 PowerBar

atlanticAtlantic Technology just launched the Gatecrasher3 PowerBar, three products in one: a Dolby 3.0 LCR sound bar, a Streaming Music System and a Wireless Multiroom Audio System. Using three ways to be wireless, SKAA, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the Gatecrasher3 is designed to replace the AV Receiver at $799.

This Dolby 3.0 sound bar can be a 3.1 system with Atlantic’s FS Series SKAA wireless active subwoofers. Or, for a full 5.1 Dolby Surround Home Theater, add the optional FS Series SKAA wireless active surround speakers.

Gatecrasher3 includes 13 audio input sources and is integrated with Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz, airable free internet radio and DLNA; three are advanced digital wireless sources: SKAA, Dual-Band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with aptX and AAC and four are wired digital and analog audio inputs: TOSLINK optical, S/PDIF coax, HDMI arc and stereo RCA. Gatecrasher3 can wirelessly play music from any cloud, home music files or direct from personal home audio gear. The company’s “Triple Wireless Technology” allows for an UNLIMITED choice of music streaming services to cast wirelessly from devices to Gatecrasher3. And six transmitters turn any analog or digital audio device into a SKAA source. Plus the wired digital and analog inputs lets users play HiRes music direct from external DAC’s, or legacy gear like optical discs, vinyl, tape machines, etc.

Gatecrasher3 is part of an ecosystem of 11 multiroom audio options from Atlantic Technology. This includes Gatecrasher1 tabletop speakers, plus the brand’s range of 10, SKAA high-fidelity wireless products including active indoor and outdoor speakers, subwoofers, integrated amps, headphones and six transmitters. Additionally, with SKAA, users don’t need to open an app for multiroom use.

Gatecrasher3’s L/C/R array of six 2.5-inch composite polypropylene woofers and three 3/4-inch aluminum-dome tweeters are housed in a resonance-free extruded aluminum enclosure with a metal grille driven by 360 watts of on-board power for a satisfying sonic performance. Integrated multichannel Dolby Audio DSP processes Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro-Logic plus its virtual surround capability transforms two, three or five-channel sources into an immersive home theater experience without the use of additional speakers.

Gatecrasher3 integrates SKAA wireless, an industry standard technology designed for superior home Hi-Fi, multichannel and multiroom use. SKAA’s sound quality is full-frequency and dynamic range. Designed for movie and game use, SKAA’s 36 milliseconds fixed low-latency audio sync from source to receiver and sync between SKAA devices is even lower at 0.04 ms (making SKAA up to 80 times better than other wireless tech with variable latency, according to Atlantic Technology).

SKAA’s range up to 150 feet and performance is due to its patented “Walking Frequency Diversity” frequency hopping technology. Gatecrasher3 features SKAA Artificial Intelligence Self Setup to automatically detect and remember bonded SKAA devices for incredible ease of setup and use.

Gatecrasher3 incorporates side-mounted controls on its cabinet including volume +/-, track +/-, power, direct input selection, DSP mode selection and channel level control. Clear four-digit 11-segment multi-function LED’s are visible for five seconds through the perforated grill to which also aid in installation and operation. There’s also a remote control.

Gatecrasher3 measures 50.5” W x 4.4” H x 3” D.


Atlantic Technology Launches Gatecrasher3 PowerBar