#AudibleReview ~~ Dear Future Self: A Starfish Novella by Lisa Becker


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Jase – the lead singer of King’s Quarters (who we met in Starfish) get a call that his favorite high school teacher has passed away and he’s been named in the will.  Upon returning he reconnects with his childhood best friend Cami.  Only problem is…Cami isn’t too happy to see Jase.  The sparks fly but sometimes they are too hot.

This second chance romance novella was a perfect follow up to Starfish.

Their favorite high school teacher had each of his students write a letter to their future selfs and this is the premise of the story.  Has Jase fulfilled his dreams?  Has Cami? And since their falling out are they able to reconnect as their favorite teacher always wanted them to?

He was a smart man who made it hard for them to NOT deal with their unfinished business, which led to some ups and down and some cold and HOT moments!

This is a quick, fun, short listen that offers all the feels.  Narration  by Tim Paige and the epilogue by Kelsey Navarro brought the story to life for me.

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Dear Future Self: A Starfish Novella


People think they know Jase Connors. Former front man for Kings Quarters. Successful solo artist. Consummate playboy. What they don’t know is he’s tired from road life. Tired of road life. Just plain tired.

When a beloved high school teacher passes away, Jase returns to his Midwestern childhood home to honor the teacher’s final wishes. Sparks fly when he’s reunited with his childhood best friend, Cami, and is forced to confront choices that made him the man he is today.

Dear Future Self is a 23,000-word novella spin-off of award-winning Starfish: A Rock Star Romance. It can be heard as a standalone and guarantees a happily ever after. (For mature listeners only)

#AudibleReview ~~ Dear Future Self: A Starfish Novella by Lisa Becker