#AudibleReview ~~ The Stand-In by Lily Chu


The Stand-In


Lily Chu
Narrated by: Phillipa Soo

Louisa’s 5 Blush Audible Review

There is so much to this audible that I loved.

  1. The story…kinda/sorta a fake relationship.  Gracie is tasked with pretending she’s a famous actress (who she looks like) so the famous actress can get a break from the crazy world of being a famous actress.  She is offered lots of money (which she needs because she lost her job and needs to help pay for her mother who has Alzheimer’s).  She gets to pretend to be a famous actress and hang out with one of her favorite actors.  The problem is…Sam is kind of a jerk.  But Gracie made the commitment to pretending to be Wei Fangli and is someone who sticks to her commitments.  Seeing Gracie and Sam become friends and then more was awesome, so add in a little enemy to lovers to the storyline!  Lots of great interactions between the characters that made you want to never stop listening.   There was character growth and relationships that were heartwarming and a little twist I didn’t see coming!
  2. The narration – Phillipa Soo…need I say more?  She did such a fantastic job bringing Gracie, Wei Fangli and Sam Yao to life!  I saw that she was narrating and that’s what brought me to listening and I am so glad I listened!!!


How to upend your life:
-Get fired by gross, handsy boss
-Fail to do laundry (again)
-Be mistaken for famous Chinese actress
-Fall head-first into glitzy new worldGracie Reed is doing just fine. Sure, she was fired by her overly “friendly” boss, and yes, she still hasn’t gotten her mother into the nursing home of their dreams, but she’s healthy, she’s (somewhat) happy, and she’s (mostly) holding it all together.

But when a mysterious SUV pulls up beside her, revealing Chinese cinema’s golden couple Wei Fangli and Sam Yao, Gracie’s world is turned on its head. The famous actress has a proposition: Due to their uncanny resemblance, Fangli wants Gracie to be her stand-in. The catch? Gracie will have to be escorted by Sam, the most attractive – and infuriating – man Gracie’s ever met.

If it means getting the money she needs for her mother, Gracie’s in. Soon Gracie moves into a world of luxury she never knew existed. But resisting Sam, and playing the role of an elegant movie star, proves more difficult than she ever imagined – especially when she learns the real reason Fangli so desperately needs her help. In the end, all the lists in the world won’t be able to help Gracie keep up this elaborate ruse without losing herself…and her heart.

#AudibleReview ~~ The Stand-In by Lily Chu