August Smalls

I finished one new small this month but I also managed to get my smalls from last month finished into ornaments for gifts. The first is a name tree which I gifted to my cousin Sheryl and it's designed by M Designs.

The second gift was for my friend Nan who will be moving to Hawaii once her home in the US is sold. This is Aloha Tree by Nouveau Encore Designs.

I'm so happy that they both loved their gifts! It makes me so happy to see their faces when they open them. I'll be making more of these in the future. I've yet to complete one for each of my sisters.

My small finish this month is courtesy of my friend Nan. Nan is the genius behind Threadwork Primitives Designs Recently I got together with several of my close stitching friends at the home of Cathy, in Sudbury. Nan brought each of us a small design she had created for fun. Along with the design she provided a piece of linen and floss so that we could each work on our project while we were all together. 

Here's my finish:

  Nan has already made her finish into a drum and it looks fantastic! I'd love to give this a try but I'll first have to obtain some sawdust for the stuffing. Fine sawdust is very easy to compact and make a firm drum. I have an example of a beautiful drum to share with you. This was given to me as a belated birthday gift during my visit with my stitching friends. This particular drum was created for me by Theresa Meloon who designs under the name Dulaney Woods Treasures.

Isn't it beautiful? Theresa, or Tee as we call her, makes the best drums! She has some very clear directions in her patterns and I hope to be trying a finish soon because she also gifted me with her latest design along with some Victorian Motto floss I had admired when she was stitching with it.

Cathy also gifted me with her latest design release for my birthday. Her chart also contained the fabric and floss neccesary for the final finish.

After all this, each participant received a gift from Tee and one from her sister Jo along with their mom Bev and friend Shelly.

 Tee designed the needleroll from an antique one that she picked up. Each needleroll was made from leftover fabrics and contains a thimble and pin cushion ends in addition to the felt for your needles. Brilliant!! 

Jo, Bev and Shelly combined forces to create the sweetest ort jars. Each jar was wrapped in a piece of needlework with the Canadian and US flags, our inital and a charm. The lid of each holds a magnetic needleminder!! How cool is that!

I am indeed blessed to have such wonderful, generous friends. 

Autumn is knocking on the doorstep and I'm in the mood for some fall stitching. Time to raid the stash again! See you next month.

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August Smalls