August WIPocalypse Update

Time for another WIPocalypse update.  These are projects that are in progress, that I hope to finish before the world ends.  

I have a finish this month!  I managed to complete my Winnie the Pooh project, "A Chirpy Sort of Place".  This was a fun stitch!  With just a handful of colors, it was easy to stitch and follow the chart while watching TV.  This was a kit that a friend found at a church sale & sent to me a few years ago.

I completed the August section of the "Linen and Threads 2019 Mystery Sampler".  I'm sure that September's section will be released this weekend.   

I also managed a bit of stitching on my current favorite project, Bothy Threads "Cut Thru' Haunted House".  I just love this one so much!  I stitched more of the roof area and bedroom.  I am always smiling when I stitch on this.  The ghosties seem to keep the frogs away as well.  It is an easy chart to follow!  Big print, no partial stitches and separate pages for the back stitching.  

Question of the Month: What do you have on your stitching bucket list?  (for example, specific projects, designers, fibers, etc)  

Wow!  I want to stitch so many things!  I would love to stitch the Bothy Threads Cut Thru' North Pole House, Magic School, and Castle.  I would love to stitch a Long Dog Sampler.  I would love to stitch a Glendon Place dessert project (they are all so lovely).  I would love to stitch a Chatelaine.  That's my "short" bucket list off the top of my head ... I am just happy to be stitching at all!  And if I don't manage to stitch these, it's still fun to see other people stitch them.

Wish I had more time to stitch ... maybe next month.
Happy Stitching!

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August WIPocalypse Update