Avalanche Bulletin - South Coast

Avalanche Bulletin - South Coast

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Watch for heightened avalanche conditions as you climb to elevations where recent snow has accumulated.

Tue, 26 AprWed, 27 AprThu, 28 Apr
Alpine2 Moderate2 Moderate1 Low
Treeline1 Low1 Low1 Low
Below Treeline1 Low1 Low1 Low
Confidence: Moderate
  • Uncertainty is due to the limited number of field observations.

Travel and Terrain Advice

  • Make observations and assess conditions continually as you travel.
  • Be careful with wind slabs, especially in steep, unsupported and/or convex terrain features.
  • Pay attention to cornices and give them a wide berth when traveling on or below ridges.
  • Minimize exposure to sun-exposed slopes when the solar radiation is strong.

Wind Slab

Unsettled weather between Sunday and Tuesday will deliver 15 to 30 cm of snow at upper elevations. This will leave the potential for wind slab avalanches on north and west facing slopes.

Wet Loose

Periods of sun could trigger wet loose avalanches in steep terrain.

Forecast Details

Avalanche Summary

Observations from the weekend were limited to a few small wet loose avalanches (size 1). With new snow accumulations at higher elevations, there will be potential for human-triggered slabs in the alpine over the next few days. Similar conditions existed last week when a slab avalanche caught a skier in the Sky Pilot area. It was triggered by a small wet loose avalanche on a northerly aspect in the alpine (see MIN report).

Snowpack Summary

Winter conditions persist at upper elevations, with stormy weather between Sunday and Tuesday bringing 15 to 30 cm of snow above 1200 m. Cool temperatures over the next few days should keep this snow dry, while sun-exposed slopes and lower elevations will likely turn moist or crusty. The lower snowpack is strong under the current cool weather, but large looming cornices remain a concern this time of year.

Weather Forecast

MONDAY NIGHT: Partly cloudy skies, no precipitation, light wind from the southwest, treeline temperatures cool to -4 C.

TUESDAY: Cloudy, scattered flurries with 5-10 cm of snow above 1000 m, light wind from the south, treeline temperatures around -2 C.

WEDNESDAY: Mix of sun and cloud, isolated flurries with trace amounts of snow above 1000 m, light wind from the southwest, treeline temperatures reach 0 C.

THURSDAY: Mostly sunny skies, no significant precipitation, light wind from the west, treeline temperatures reach +2 C.

Source: avalanche.ca

Avalanche Bulletin - South Coast