And then we have lights!

You may remember that we had planned to go see the Festival of Lights over the weekend, but we were thwarted by Gemma's upset stomach.  We decided to try again today as our New Year's Eve celebration.  (Thus ensuring that we can all go to bed at a reasonable time - lol!)

The Festival of Lights is a 2.5 mile display of lights that you drive through.  Traffic was nonexistent this late in the season, so that meant that we were moving a bit too fast for pictures to turn out well.  But I got a few to give you an idea of the types of lighting displays.  I also took a video of my favorite section to give you a better idea of the movement that some of the displays include.

The displays aren't always Christmas-themed.  This one is from the Wizard of Oz - the blurry orange thing in the bottom right is the Cowardly Lion and if you look closely, you can see a witch flying around the castle.
Santa's Toy Co.

And so ends 2019.  Thank you for following along with my journey, as erratic as it can be sometimes.  I really do appreciate every single reader.  I'm always surprised by how much simply writing about a situation can make it seem so much better.  And I really do love writing, so it's wonderful to have a place to share.

Here's to another year gone by, full of experiences that a younger version of myself would never have begun to guess at.  And as difficult as life can be sometimes, I'm still always very glad to be able to participate.  See you next year!
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And then we have lights!