Balanced Treatment with a 10-Step Approach

Substance use disorder touches millions of people, but each person who struggles with it has their own story. Maybe you’re medicating a mental health diagnosis, or trying to break the cycle of addiction. Perhaps you have physical health concerns, or are worried about your privacy. Those swirling concerns are why each person needs a tailored approach to drug treatment. You’ll find that at The Balance, a luxury rehab center with locations in Mallorca, Spain; Zurich, Switzerland; and London, England.

Here are the ten pillars around which The Balance approach is structured.

  1. One Client At A Time

Who doesn’t love one-on-one attention? When it comes to treatment, one-on-one isn’t just nice — it’s more effective. At The Balance, clients live in a private space that’s only for them and their counselor. Other professionals filter in and out, but you don’t need to worry about sharing attention with other clients: all of the team’s effort will be focused on you and you alone.

  1. Privacy and Discretion

Unfortunately, we still exist in a world where substance use disorder or mental illness is stigmatized. The Balance is focused on providing private and discreet treatment to high-profile clients. You don’t need to worry about who might see you or recognize your story. With that concern gone, you can focus more intently on your recovery.

  1. Comprehensive Check Up

All health is intertwined. Substance use disorder has both physical, mental and emotional components, and understanding all of these facets of health will help set you on the best course for recovery. When you arrive at The Balance you’ll get a physical and psychiatric evaluation and lab testing. This is used to help you and your treatment team understand what health factors might need to be treated alongside your substance use disorder.

  1. Treating Root Causes

Substance abuse never exists in a vacuum. At The Balance you’ll address not only your substance use, but the factors that contribute to it. Addressing past trauma, regulating mental illness and taking other steps to address the root causes of substance abuse will leave you healthier overall.

  1. Biochemical Restoration.

Your genetics and epigenetics — the way your genes are expressed — can both play a role in addiction. The treatment team at The Balance will work with your genetic and epigenetic profile to heal your body from the inside out.

  1. Holistic Approach

Years of science in addiction medicine show that there’s not one way of treating addiction. The Balance pulls from the best practices in treating addiction from Western Medicine, alternative therapies and Eastern philosophies.

  1. Technology-based Therapies

Technology is helping treatment providers understand more about the brain and how it plays into substance abuse disorders. The Balance utilizes technology-based therapies including neurofeedback and tDCS in order to complement more traditional forms of treatment.

  1. 24/7 Live-In Counselor

This aspect of The Balance marries traditional counseling with sober coaching. While you’re at The Balance, you’ll be assigned a counselor who lives with you 24/7. That means no matter when you need assistance, your trusted support system will be there to help you get through the tough moments.

  1. Private Luxury Facility

Sometimes in order to heal and change your habits, you need to step back from the distractions of day-to-day life. The Balance provides that, by bringing you into a luxurious facility where you don’t have to worry about anything but your own wellness.

  1. Personal Chef and Diet Plan

Having a healthy body helps support a healthy mind. How many of us have felt better after a great workout or healthy meal? Unfortunately, substance use disorder often leaves the body depleted of essential vitamins and nutrients. The Balance corrects this by crafting a personal diet plan, prepared by chefs on site. Clients also have access to a gym, yoga studio and personal trainer to help them reach their physical wellness goals.

Many of us have stereotypes about what a rehab center is. The Balance exceeds those expectations, providing a treatment experience that is comfortable, private and effective at starting your recovery on the right foot.

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Balanced Treatment with a 10-Step Approach