Ballet Style meets ... Louis McMiller

This series of 10 snappy questions will offer a look behind-the-curtain and gain an insight into their stylish lives.


This week Ballet.Style meets ..

Louis McMiller, dancer with Company Wayne McGregor.  

When I think of Louis’s style, I picture fun ! From what he wears in the studio, to what he drinks after a show, a lightness and positive outlook is apparent. When you see him on stage there is focus and dedication but outside is freedom and joy. 

 Photo Credit - Alex Fine

Photo Credit - Alex Fine

 What style do you like most in the studio ?

I like a look that is pretty chill and effortlessly put together, but you know there is thought and lots of style behind it! A few baggies, mixed with skin tight is a winner for me! Funnily enough, most of my work clothes are colourful! (See next question!)


How would you describe your fashion outside the ballet studio ?

Simple and classic is how I like to think. Fitted, symmetrical and usually all black (I like to think my personality is the colourful element, haha, I’m kidding!) I like nice shoes and jewellery and I have a small obsession with sunglasses!



Tell me how you have styled your home ?

Organised mess ! I’m so in and out, being on the road all the time, so I always try and make sure my hotel room is as comforting and homelike as possible. I like to take a Diptyque candle with me to remind me of home! In my dream world, everything would be sleek and disguised behind cupboards, like a showroom!


What’s your favourite meal to cook ?

I recently became vegan and so I’m still finding my feet with that. My favourite thing to make at the moment (even though not the healthiest!) is vegan falafel — yumo!


What your number one make-up product or beauty ritual?

Number one... oh, I have so many! Ok, so my favourite product at the moment for the face is Mario Basescu’s Aloe, herbs and Rosewater facial spray. It’s super refreshing and makes you feel nice too!


What do you eat before a big show ?

I actually can’t eat too much right before! Our shows are getting longer and longer (the latest one is 80 minutes!) so I tend to eat a good breakfast, usually Soya yoghurt with muesli and fruit and a good lunch, stock up on Mountain Dew for the show (!!!) and then have dinner about an hour afterwards.


What do you get up to on Sunday ?

If I’m not spending the entire day in bed, I love seeing my friends, eat and drink whatever I want and watch trash tv!


Where is your favourite place to tour ?

I love going to The States. I usually get to see my family when I’m there and I am a sucker for American candy!

 Photo Credit - Alex Fine 

Photo Credit - Alex Fine 

What are you reading at the moment?

I just read Call Me By Your Name. I wanted to read the book before watching the movie and it made it so much better. And now I just bought The Sellout, which I need to start soon!


Is there anything you are doing outside of the ballet world you would like to share ?

Last year I did a movie in Norway, so I’d love to get into doing more acting. I also model and am represented by First Model Management. It’s something that still allows me to use my creativity and I usually end up dancing on shoots too, without being SO focused on the usual technicalities of ballet in the studio.


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Ballet Style meets ... Louis McMiller