BAM Global Ambassadors: Congress Takeaways

As part of our ‘BAM: A Global Glimpse’ series of blogs, we asked nine BAM Global Ambassadors to share what they took away from the recent BAM Global Congress.


What are your takeaways from the BAM Global Congress, including the lead-in webinars, the April main event and follow-up webinars? What have you learned? What has encouraged you?


For me, getting to know new people who are doing business as mission around the world and learning from them is the most important takeaway from the BAM Global Congress. I am not so good in attending online meetings, I have a kind of attention disorder when I am in them, but I really enjoyed meeting new people and listening to their stories, like Hakan from Itzinya, Marian from Turbocam and others.
Adrian Buhai, BAM Romania


I took away lessons from real BAM business experiences. It also reinforced that business as mission is one of the ways God uses to bring complete economic, social, environmental, and spiritual transformation, bringing dignity and life to people. It motivates me and encourages me to continue to work for this vision!
Samara Bramen, BAM Brasil


It was encouraging to see that the concept of business as mission has taken root across many regions of the world. It was also exciting to see a significant number of new entrepreneurs and those who are thinking of starting businesses learning about BAM through the Congress. The program was well designed with something new and valuable for everyone. The session on Dealing with Corruption seemed helpful to many from the global south. I was encouraged to see that there are a growing number of BAMers from non-western countries, which I applaud.
Joseph Vijayam, BAM South Asia


The Congress was really a great event! I was excited about how it was organised. I think that the Congress, with the longer time frame of the pre- and post-congress meetings, plus the possibility to connect in groups or one-on-one gave even more opportunities than an in-person three day Congress would have done! For me to see how all these things were organised is the most important part of the Congress. Of course there were a lot of interesting speakers but I can hardly choose amongst them.
Mikhail Dubrovskiy, BAM Russia


From the lead-in pre-Congress webinars, I had been aware of BAM Global but this gave me the opportunity to connect and learn more about the global movement. From the main April Congress, it was so inspiring to get a snapshot of the impact of business for the Great Commission. It was also very motivating to see the immense need for BAM to gain a strong traction in Africa and to make connections with a wide variety of people who would benefit the new BAM Southern Africa network through their experience and expertise. From the post-Congress series, it was excellent to be able to follow up with people and good for networking.
Derick Slabbert, BAM Southern Africa


My major takeaway from the Congress is the diversity, breadth and depth, and unity of the BAM movement. First, the unity of purpose of so many diverse faith traditions is inspiring and encouraging. BAM and the BAM Global Congress truly exemplify the Body of Christ as I believe Jesus intended. Second, much as Elijah needed to know he was not alone while in the wilderness, the BAM Global Congress showed us just how many BAM-involved people there are around the world. BAMers are not alone! If you feel that way, get involved in BAM Global and you will soon be a part of something so much bigger than you could’ve anticipated.
Dr. Mick Bates, BAM Academics


I was encouraged by all the wisdom that God has granted many in the BAM network. We now have so many good examples to learn from and seasoned people to be coached by.
Hakan Sandberg


I am immensely blessed by the BAM Global Congress. Every session was so insightful and a blessing. But to name a few:

Takeaways: First, James Waters’ workshop on how to effectively measure Kingdom impact, including using indicators and appropriate tools. I learned not try to measure everything, focus on the important and integrate into a strategy, plus using indicators and appropriate tools. Second, Mats Tunehag’s reminder of Why BAM?: God wants it; the world needs it; and God calls us to do it. And third, Grace Muchiri’s “Fighting poverty through job creation”.

Learning: First, Bruce McKinnon’s “Every brand needs a point: Introduction to brand strategy.” Second, Freedom Business Roundtable how business can give meaning, hope, dignity and freedom to those who are deprived of. Third, BAM is Kingdom solution to injustice, joblessness and oppression (Joma Bakery & Annie Dieselberg)

Encouragement: First, Chuck Welden’s, “Start small. Do not despise the days of small beginnings (Zech. 4:10). Bring wise people around you. Take the first step.” Second, Hakan Sandberg’s “Dare to think big enough there’s room for God.” Third, Decio (Comibam), “Only the people of God will be able to fulfill the cultural mandate. All the earth shall be full of his image – for our good, the good of others and for his glory.” And fourth, Ron Duggins’ “The unfair advantage we have is that the Holy Spirit is with us.”
Manglal Thangniang, BAM North East India


The BAM movement is growing deep and wide. There are so many new and eager practitioners. I really liked the Economics of Mutuality session and the workshop on measuring BAM impact. I am encouraged that business people are helping each other in their creative witnessing and profitable business practices. Can’t wait to gather in person!
Dave Stone, BAM Mobilization


Compiled and edited by Jo Plummer, with thanks to Mats Tunehag who coordinates our global BAMbassador network for BAM Global.


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Mats Tunehag is a senior global ambassador for BAM and has worked in over half the countries of the world. He is the chairman of BAM Global and contributes to Visit for BAM resources in 21 languages.


 Jo Plummer is the co-chair of BAM Global and co-editor the Lausanne Occasional Paper on Business as Mission. She has been developing resources for BAM since 2001 and currently serves as Editor of the Business as Mission website and blog.


BAM Global Ambassadors: Congress Takeaways