Batman Beyond, Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and More!



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Here are some observations…

  1. In my opinion Luther Strode 1 is overvalued.
  2. I see Donald’s Trump’s first comic appearance losing value real soon.
  3. Helstrom on Hulu is solid.
  4. Witches on HBO is not.
  5. If anyone has a comic first for the Krayt Dragon let me know, first to comment and get it right will get a Comic Barricade mailed to them free of charge.

on to the pics…


Star Wars Insider 80

First Ailyn Vel

I cannot take credit for this one, IG collector Robsnerdhaven clued me in to the earliest known comic art for Boba Fett’s Daughter.


Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Mini Comic Giveaway

First appearance of the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

In the UK the turts were deemed to violent so the word ninja was dropped. Most publications that came out after this changed other aspects to make them more kid friendly.

This mini comic was included with Eagle, Whizzer & Chips and I am sure more oversized UK publications.



Spectacular Spider-Man 148

First Zombie Spider-Man

This cover is stunning and now is a book I just need to have a 9.8.

—–Covers and other firsts!!!—–

Batman Beyond New Hero in Town, No Place Like Home, , Hear no Evil & Grounded 

I am always looking for BB gems and it sure gets harder as time goes on.  These 4 are not tough to find but they are often mislabeled as picture books.  They are not. Well, New Hero in Town isn’t, that I can confirm.  It is a comic and not only is it in comic format but it tells the origin of BB. It also has an appearance by fan favorite Inque.


Here another rarity ( non comic foreign )


Groo is seeing some heat again, here is a favorite cover of mine!


Universo DC Sandman!


Sonic fans and Mega Man fans should enjoy this rare, dynamic CSN.

Gobots Final Conflict

First appearance of the Gobots

So I am a big Gobots fan.  Don’t tell anyone.  I have been holding off on this one for years for the simple reason that I can’t find any pictures other that part 3.  This 3 part mini comic series predates all other comic appearances and yes that included Eagle Magazine.  Cookie Crisp released these in consecutive months and they appear to be super rare.

There are other rarities for these so called Transformer ripoffs.  I will be adding more content on them in the future.


Mega Marvel November 1996

I am always on the look out for early,  rare Deadpool stuff!



Mega Marvel 132 ans Spectacular Spider-man Adventures 1

Here are two foreign Carnage Venom covers I need to find!



Boba Fett 30th anniversary figure

First appearance of the Amban Mandalorian Sniper Rifle

In my opinion this figure is undervalued. It is the first toy to have the Mandalorian rifle used on the Disney show! There are multiple versions of this with some being more rare than others!


and finally another foreign Sandman key.

See ya next week!


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Batman Beyond, Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and More!