BenQ Releases BlueCore LU935ST Laser Projector for Golf Simulation

BenQ Golf Sim Image

BenQ released the next projector in its BlueCore Laser DLP lineup built for at-home and commercial golf simulators. Available for $3,999 MSRP, the WUXGA 5,500-lumen LU935ST short-throw laser projector features 92% Rec.709 color coverage for realistic golf course images, 20,000 hours of maintenance-free use, and robust features for easy, flexible installation.

“The golf simulation market has grown dramatically as golfers look for ways to keep their swing in the best form when they can’t get to the course,” said Bob Wudeck, senior director of business development at BenQ America Corp. “While LCD lamp-based projectors have been used in old golf simulation kits, lamps are climbing in price, have a shorter life span, pose a mercury risk, require filter cleaning and typically don’t provide color accuracy specifications. The LU935ST is the first laser projector that’s designed for golf simulation. It boasts an immersive, lifelike image that turns on instantly, is easy to install, and has zero upkeep, thanks to its filter-free, dustproof design.”

Leveraging Texas Instruments’ DLP chip technology, the LU935ST’s picture is 2.3 million pixels strong and features a 3,000,000:1 contrast. The result is more true-to-life and detailed golf courses that never yellow over time. A long-trusted leader in esports, BenQ utilizes the same monitor technology that helps gamers gain a competitive edge, including enhanced graphics and instant lag-free response to shots.

BenQ LU935ST

Chances are there a few options when choosing where to house a golf simulator. It may be in the garage, a home theater, or tucked into an unused wall of a home or business. BenQ’s LU935ST short-throw optical zoom provides .81-.89 throw without the expense of optional lenses and allows the projector to be mounted outside the hitting area without the player casting a shadow on the screen. In spaces where the projector will need to be mounted farther away, it includes digital shrink and offset to ensure an edge-to-edge picture that fills the screen. Finally, for greater installation flexibility without affecting the image, the LU935ST includes lens shift and other fine-tuning installation tools, including horizontal and vertical keystone correction, corner fit, multiple HDMI inputs and networking and audio I/O.

The LU935ST laser projector is now available at many simulation resellers and


BenQ Releases BlueCore LU935ST Laser Projector for Golf Simulation