Bespoke Post – New July 2021 Box Spoilers

The lifestyle subscription service Bespoke Post is now offering their new July 2021 Box: the Concentrate Box.

Fuel up and get down to business.
Early mornings during the stifling summer months require a stiff cup of cold brew.

What’s in the Bespoke Post Concentrate Box?

Primula Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

An extra-easy, extra-effective way to cold brew. The large-format carafe lets you brew 4-6 glasses worth of coffee concentrate (or tea) at once — a batch will last up to 14 days in the fridge if you’re a slow drinker — and the clever filtration system allows for full contact during the brewing process and a lightning-fast cleanup.

Port Living Co. Concrete Desk Set and Bolivar bitters

Port Living Co. Concrete Desk Set:

A clear head starts with a clear desktop. So round up your working essentials in this starkly simple pencil cup and tray, made from hand-burnished concrete with a minimal approach for a sleek-meets-industrial kind of style. The material itself is a custom blend: extraordinarily small cement particulate, recycled granite, and locally-sourced marble dust makes for a unique kind of concrete that’s incredibly smooth and develops a warm patina as it ages. 

Bittercube Bolivar Bitters:

Sure, they’re good in a cocktail. But don’t stop there. A dash or two of bitters lends new depth to iced coffee, and these ones are especially good thanks to the concentration of herbal, floral notes (think jasmine and chamomile) and a mild kick of cinnamon and dried fruits on the back end. 

Thinking about picking up the Concentrate Box from Bespoke? Here’s what to know.

The Box: The Bespoke is a monthly men’s lifestyle subscription box.

The Price: $45 when you join the Bespoke club, and $55 if you purchase the box individually in The Shop.

The Products: The Bespoke Post Concentrate Box contains a coffee maker, a concrete desk set and Bolivar bitters.

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Which part of the Bespoke Post Concentrate box are you most looking forward to?

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Bespoke Post – New July 2021 Box Spoilers