Bias Beauty, Kwik Sew 3308

I’ve been paralyzed by the recent travesties our human race has faced in the United States and globally. 

How can I post smiling photos of myself in new clothes when people are dying from a global pandemic?

How can I write about what fun it is to sew a new pattern in the midst of overwhelming anger and chaos ?

Until now I’ve been unable to……

It’s a new world, and one I want to be part of in spite of its challenges. Writing and sewing are creative outlets for me as well as for many others. I strongly believe when we fail to lean in to our creativity we simply exist which is not how I wish to live.

I’m proud to stand in solidarity with those calling out that Black Lives Matter and, I support those organizations and businesses committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion. Additionally, my heartfelt appreciation goes to the courageous women and men in uniform who risk their lives each day to keep the peace. I pray that love will prevail and lead us all to a better place.


I finished my last French Jacket in March just before our schools and businesses closed. Inspired by the cute bias halter tops Julie made from her French Jacket linings, (see page 117,  A Stylish Guide to Classic Sewing)  I ordered extra lining fabric from B&J Fabrics to  make one to wear with my jacket. The plan was to photograph the halter in front of the blue waters of Aruba in April.

Greetings from my back yard.

The pattern is Kwik Sew 3308. Long since out of print, Julie was nice enough to make a copy for me. The beauty of the top lie in its bias cut which accentuates body lines and curves with a soft, gentle drape……….I’m all for a garment that hugs the small part of my waist and skims the hips.😉

I’ve made halter tops and dresses before cut on the grain. Below is a photo collage of a halter dress I made in 2016.

The dress is cut on the grain and gathered at the neckline, but there is fullness throughout the garment.

Not so with this pattern. There is a noticeable difference when a fabric drapes itself and contours to the shape of the body.

The pattern consists of one front piece, one back piece, the collar and facings. For now I’ve closed the back with snaps, but will replace the snaps with buttons once I find what I’m looking for.
It’s the perfect top to wear under a jacket.

This top was so simple to make requiring no special instructions or techniques ~ I hope to make more. Meanwhile, I’ve had no luck in searching for similar patterns, so please send me any leads you may have! In the process of bias top pattern searching, I’ve found several bias sewing tutorials for future sewing including these from SewGuide SeamWork and Threads . I’ve never sewn Pamela’s Patterns before, but I noticed a tutorial for cutting her tank top pattern on the bias Here.

I hope to wear my new ensemble one of these days, but for now I’ll enjoy the enlightenment I’ve received from the blue bias anemones and coral.

Until soon. 🙂

   ♫ Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take you to …..Bermuda, Bahama……

Bias Beauty, Kwik Sew 3308