Launching the Solution for Users’ Privacy'-Privacy

Recently, is proud to announce the launch of its solution for mixing Bitcoin to protect the users’ privacy. is a website application that allows users to “mix” their bitcoins to anonymize transactions and secure their private details.

The concept behind Bitcoin is to disconnect government and finance, guaranteeing that each institution fulfils its tasks independently. Thus, Bitcoin is a system based on the ideas of freedom, openness, and anonymity.

The protocol strongly influences banking by using an accessible record. Bitcoin operations, on the other hand, are regrettably traceable due to their openness. This is where the Bitcoin mixer comes in; it is used to protect private  transactions from severing the track and deceiving hackers.

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This is because, as previously stated, Bitcoin is a blockchain platform with anonymous domain names. While the domains are published in alphanumeric order and do not directly disclose transactions, the bitcoin’s transparency allows them to be analyzed and documented.

These public Bitcoin accounts can easily be related and tied to true identities once they are cracked due to a transactor’s inadequacies  (such as using their emails more than twice). As a third party does your decryption, the next time you move or mix your coins, you become more exposed for hackers to hack your bitcoin wallets and more.

How Does it Work?

Because the purpose of a Bitcoin mixer is to help stop hackers from providing personal information and revealing the person’s identity who’s sending the payment, does not store the user’s logs. Furthermore, the server does not collect customers’ email accounts or private details.

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They charge a fee of 0.1% in return for their mixing services. Apart from Bitcoin, these mixers also provide a secure transaction.

To begin encrypting a payment, enter the recipient’s location of any of the three endorsed coins and select the personalized time delay.

Following that, Bitcoin is mixed and sent to the recipient’s wallet without jeopardizing the sender’s confidentiality. On the other hand, the receiver receives new coins that cannot be connected to your personal data.


Most people believe that Bitcoin is not as secretive as they think. Given the amount of money invested in such offerings, the emergence of crypto mixing websites makes tracing crypto transfers even more accessible. As a result, a Bitcoin mixer is useful, particularly for people who do not want anyone to retrieve their personal information.

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