Monday update

The COVID-19 numbers for Shelby County looked really promising yesterday. 120 new cases were reported out of a total of 2131 tests, for a daily positivity rate of only 5.6%. Now, granted, statistics for one isolated day can be “noisy.” It’s sure better than a one-day rate in the fourteens, though. Can we please have our limited-service restaurants back open now?

A speeding car took out a light pole on Mud Island last night.

There was a shooting around midnight near the Huey’s on Union, which was closed at the time due to the stupid health department regulations.

Please be on the lookout for my neighbor’s truck, which was stolen over the weekend:

If seen call 545-COPS. MPD has the theft on file with NCIC. I’ve been told the truck was NOT stolen from the parking garage across the alley from our building.

There will be a memorial for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the steps of the D’Army Bailey Courthouse, corner of Adams & Second, tonight at 6:30.

As I was reading articles on Medium yesterday, I came across a really neat concept to help serve the needs of those experiencing homelessness: Cloud Covered Streets mobile trailers. The article I read discussed the trailer in Phoenix but they want to expand to other cities too. The trailer has

  • A full-size shower stall (wheelchair accessible)
  • A stackable washer and dryer
  • Wireless laptop where a member of the team can assist in filling out job applications and contacting loved ones

The trailer also employs those experiencing homelessness. Sure would like to see something like this in Memphis!

Last night I got invited to submit an article to Data Driven Investor’s online publication on the platform. I’m not making huge money as a writer yet but I’m already acquiring some building blocks for my writing resume! DDI on Medium has about 35,000 followers, about the same size as the Age of Awareness education publication that accepted one of my articles last week.

That’s it. Time to get this week started. Back tomorrow, or sooner if an announcement about the bars is made today.




Monday update