Overnight News: Has Joe Biden frolicked things up just in time?

Ya think it's easy?

“What do you know for sure when a rumpled old man says, ‘You don’t deserve to know if I have treats in my pocket!’ And who is going to clean up all this drool?”

Speaking of Joe Biden, Barack Obama said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to [frolic] things up.”

Saturday, I said: “I desperately wanted for this election to be about Marxism: ‘You’re what’s for dinner!™’ Biden wanted for this election to be about Trump. Biden won.”

Guess what? Obama was right: Just two short days later, Biden has managed to make the election about radicalism, at a minimum.

We’ll see how that plays out, but, meanwhile, not much else is news:

Zero Hedge: These Are The US Cities Where Workers Make The Most Relative To Their Cost-Of-Living. Fun take, but why assume work-from-homers will remain in American? Why assume they will even be Americans, in due course?

Forbes: Is Florida The Likeliest To Rebound First From COVID? If only Arizona had a governor like DeSantis…

New York Post: ‘Ghost town’: In-person attendance dwindles at NYC schools. Assuming we do not vote to become North Venezuela, a signal unforced error for Marxism will turn out to be letting up on the stranglehold they have on America’s children. Children can’t get Coronavirus, but some of them are learning to read for a change. Readers are rebels. Ask me how I know.

National Review: If Biden were a Republican.

Issues and Insights: Beyond Court Packing: Here’s How Dems Plan To Create A One-Party State.

Salena Zito: No matter who wins, there is no exit from the roller coaster anytime soon.

Joel Kotkin: Will the Cultural Revolution Be Canceled? The challenge to our civilization is real, but most Americans aren’t sympathetic to social radicalism. I believe no one who worked for what he has wants to see it destroyed. But as everyone in real estate can tell you, a backward-looking approach only gets you so far…

This election is not about Trump, Biden, court-packing, nit-picking or any other media-borne nitwittery. It’s about Marxism and its zeal to extinguish human liberty. First we must renounce the Marxists, but then we must also purge them from civil society – just as we did, quite appropriately, with National Socialism. People who yearn to enslave us are not our friends. It’s time we let them know.

Overnight News: Has Joe Biden frolicked things up just in time?